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Pronomes - parte 4

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Pronomes - parte 4 Empty Pronomes - parte 4

Mensagem por Pedro em Sab 14 Jun 2014, 4:28 pm

097 | CESGRANRIO 1993
In the sentence "it's time to meet people who work from
their homes", the pronoun WHO can be replaced by THAT.

– Mark the option that can only be completed with the
relative pronoun WHO:

a) That is the consultant __________ I met in São Paulo last
b) My brother, __________ works as a consultant, makes
much money.
c) Would you like to work with bosses __________ are
d) Employees __________ work from home part of the time
are happier.
e) The tele-commuter to __________ I was introduced
yesterday is Asian.

098 | PUCPR 1996
Fill in correctly with a relative pronoun:

The flower exhibit ___________ was held in the Botanical
Garden in Curitiba, last September, showed beautiful orchids
from all over the world.

a) that
b) whose
c) whom
d) where
e) who

099 | PUCPR 1997
Insert the appropriate relative pronoun:

Gossips, to __________ you should pay no attention, is a
bad thing.
Dr. Smith, __________ car is outside, has come to see a
My friend Jack, __________ is in hospital, is very ill.
This is my Uncle John, __________ you have heard so much

a) which, whose, who, whom
b) that, whose, whom, which
c) which, whom, that, who
d) whom, whose, that, whom
e) that, whom, who, which

100 | MACKENZIE 1997
Os períodos simples provenientes do composto SHE WAS A

a) She was a girl. Whom it was difficult to know well.
b) She was a girl. It was difficult to know her well.
c) She who was a girl. It was difficult to know well.
d) She was a difficult girl. It was difficult to know well.
e) She was a girl. It was difficult to know whom well.

101 | FEI 1997

My neighbor, __________ is very beautiful, was here this

a) which
b) whose
c) who
d) when
e) what

102 | CESGRANRIO 1997
Mark the sentence that can only be completed with WHOSE,
the relative pronoun:

a) This is Patricia, __________ sister you met last week.
b) One should be loyal to __________ one is married.
c) She's married to a doctor of __________ you have heard.
d) AIDS, __________ kills thousands of people, hasn't been
wiped out.
e) I don't like people __________ lose their tempers easily.

103 | PUCPR 1998
Choose the right alternative to complete the spaces:

I. George Washington, __________ became president of the
United States, never told a lie.
II. In Norway, __________ is a Baltic country, you can see
the midnight sun.
III. Melanie Griffith, with __________ Antonio Banderas got
married, is very jealous.
IV. Bernard Shaw, __________ books were known in all the
world, was a very clever writer.
V. Le Corbusier, about __________ we are learning now, was
a famous modernist architect.

a) whose – that – which – who – whose
b) whom – which – that – whose – whom
c) who – which – whom – whose – whom
d) which – whom – who – whom – which
e) that – who – whose – which – who

104 | MACKENZIE 1999
Choose the correct alternative:

a) Caetano Veloso's, who latest CD, I bought last week, is
b) Caetano Veloso's latest CD, which I bought last week, is
c) Caetano Veloso's latest CD whom is wonderful I bought
last week.
d) Caetano Veloso, which is wonderful, I bought last week
latest CD.
e) Caetano Veloso's latest CD, whose I bought last week, is

105 | JFS 2010
In his last book, the author decided to talk about the people
and the places __________ he loved.

a) who
b) whom
c) which
d) that
e) whose

106 | FATEC 2002
O pronome which em "Many mobile phone operating
companies would rather give out new handsets than see
their clients defect to rival services, which often try to lure
customers by offering the latest mobile phones free for
switching services" refere-se a:

a) clients.
b) handsets.
c) rival services.
d) customers.
e) mobile phone operating companies.

Assinale a(s) alternativa(s) na(s) qual(is) os pronomes that,
who e which estão utilizados corretamente:

( ) Athletes are basically the consumers who are going to
buy Jui2ce.
( ) Jui2ce is a juice that offers a series of benefits to your
( ) Mandarin Mango is a flavor which provides vitamin A.
( ) Calcium is one of the components who is good for health.
( ) Young people that usually drink the Jui2ce say it is
( ) Jui2ce has beta-carotene, who is said to be excellent for

a) V F V F F F
b) V F V F V V
c) V V V F F V
d) V V F F V F
e) V V V F V F

108 | UFRRJ 2000 – ADAPTED
In the passage "I have learned there are large numbers of
Americans (maybe not the majority) who are passionate
about, or at least interested in, shaping their lives to be
humane, individual, socially tolerant and contributing, and
spiritual by some definition", the word WHO could be
replaced by:

a) which.
b) whom.
c) that.
d) whose.
e) the word cannot be replaced.

109 | UFV/PASES 2000
Complete the sentence below correctly:

Don Pedro, __________ was one of the visitors, was also
very impressed with Bell's invention.

a) who
b) whose
c) when
d) where
e) which

110 | UFRRJ 2000 – ADAPTED
In the sentence "about 20% of lung-cancer patients are
found to have a tumor WHOSE biological characteristics and
small size give them a good chance of being cured if the
malignant growth is surgically removed", the capital word
refers to:

a) patients
b) blacks.
c) tumor.
d) lung cancer.
e) about 20%.

111 | PUCPR 2003
Supply the sentences with the correct alternative:

I. This is the hardest problem __________ I have ever had to
II. A doctor, __________ patients trust him, has great
III. Vesuvius, __________ is a lofty volcano, overlooks the
Bay of Naples.
IV. My friend Marcello, __________ is in hospital, is very ill.
V. There's something __________ I must tell you in

a) I. that; II. which; III. what; IV. who; V. that
b) I. which; II. whose; III. that; IV. whose; V. which
c) I. that; II. whose; III. which; IV. who; V. that
d) I. what; II. who; III. which; IV. that; V. what
e) I. that; II. whose; III. what; IV. which; V. that

112 | UNESP 2003
Assinale a alternativa correta:

Children who are exposed to TV can learn __________ ideas
may be taken away from it.

a) whoever
b) whom
c) who
d) which
e) where

113 | UFRRJ 2003 – ADAPTED
In the sentence “Under a microscope you can see the
bacteria that lives in your gums. It's called gram-negative
bacteria and it produces a toxin or poison that destroys the
bones around your teeth”, the underlined word can be
replaced by:

a) who.
b) whose.
c) whom.
d) which.
e) what.

114 | ITA 2006
Pronomes - parte 4 Img
– "A man named", no primeiro quadrinho, é equivalente a:

a) a man whose name is.
b) a man that the name is.
c) a man who the name is.
d) a man whom the name is.
e) a man that is name.

115 | PUCRIO 2006 – ADAPTED
In the expression "One-third of the youngest children in the
United States – babies through age 6 – live in homes where
the television is on almost all the time", where could be
rephrased CORRECTLY with:

a) Live in homes in which the television is on almost all the
b) Live in homes that the television is on almost all the time.
c) Live in homes which the television is on almost all the
d) Live in homes the television is on almost all the time.
e) Live in homes in that the television is on almost all the

116 | UECE/2ª FASE 2007
In the sentences: "Gold's novel was also the start of the
'Jewish-American' novel, WHICH BECAME AN IMPORTANT
describes the failure of the 'American Dream' for those WHO
the parts in capital letters are, respectively:

a) defining adjective clause and non-defining adjective
b) non-defining adjective clause and defining adjective
c) defining adjective clause and defining adjective clause.
d) non-defining adjective clause and non-defining adjective

117 | UECE/2ª FASE 2008
The sentence: "The mimetic theory was dominant for
centuries, only falling into disfavor in the late 18th century
with the rise of Romanticism, which took poetry to be
essentially an expression of personal feeling" contains a/an:

a) object noun clause.
b) subject noun clause.
c) non-defining relative clause.
d) defining relative clause.

118 | UECE/2ª FASE 2008
The sentence: "the texts that make up English literature are
a part and a product of the English language and cannot be
separated from it" contains a/an:

a) conditional clause.
b) adverbial clause.
c) relative clause.
d) noun clause.

119 | UECE/2ª FASE 2008
The writer I am talking about is the one:

a) whom hates giving interviews.
b) which has just written his autobiography.
c) who wrote "Travels in Scriptorium".
d) whom was persecuted because of his ideas.

120 | FUVEST 1996
Choose the question for the statement: 'Plague also cropped
up in 1994, in India':

a) How long did plague crop up in India?
b) How did plague crop up in 1994?
c) When did plague crop up in India?
d) What did plague crop up in India?
e) Why did plague crop up in India?

121 | UNIFESP 2008
No trecho:

"Some soy plantations in central Brazil are being
transformed to sugarcane ethanol operations and
environmentalists say that could lead soy farmers to move
into the Amazon for their crop, which is also in high demand
worldwide, particularly from China".

– a palavra which refere-se:

a) ao etanol de cana.
b) aos produtores de soja.
c) à soja.
d) à Amazônia.
e) à China.

122 | JFS 2000
O pronome __________ completa corretamente a sentença
abaixo e, sintaticamente, é classificado como __________.

A coward is one __________ thinks with his legs every time
he is in danger.

a) who – objeto
b) who – sujeito
c) whom – sujeito
d) that – objeto
e) which – sujeito

123 | JFS 2002
Those firemen, __________ saved the little girl from the fire,
are local heroes.

a) who
b) that
c) whom
d) which
e) a e b estão corretas

124 | UERJ 2005 – ADAPTED
Pronouns may have different functions according to the
contexts where they occur. The use of the pronoun THAT
establishing reference to the previous content of the
sentence is found in:

a) That is a magical and mutually rewarding form of love
between writer and reader.
b) A battle scar, a light limp, hair that is an untamable mass
of curls, or any other minor flaw will make the character
more relatable, more lovable.
c) What could be more fulfilling than a book that caresses
the reader with love, wit, sensuality and a feeling of
d) A romance novel that combines those elements will
seduce the reader from the first chapter to the last.

125 | UNESP 1992
Assinale a pergunta correta para a resposta apresentada a

For two weeks.

a) How long have you had it?
b) How many time do you have it?
c) How long did you had it?
d) How much time you have got it?
e) There is how long you've got it?

126 | UFPE 2007 – ADAPTED
The word THAT, in: "the United Nations reported THAT of
the 41 countries it monitors"; and in: "because THAT might
jeopardize their economic growth", and in: "costly mandates
and controls THAT harm the economy":

( ) functions differently in each phrase.
( ) has equivalent meanings in the three examples.
( ) is a conjunction in both, the first and the last examples.
( ) functions as a demonstrative pronoun in the second
( ) is a relative pronoun in the last example and refers only
to controls.

a) F F V V F
b) F F F V F
c) V V V V F
d) V F F V F
e) V F F F V

127 | UNESP 1993
Assinale a alternativa correta:

__________ is your hat?

a) When
b) Who
c) Whose
d) Where
e) How many

128 | CESGRANRIO 1995
"A compulsive shopper told a researcher that she could
never go to a supermarket and buy just one bottle of milk".

Mark the question to which this sentence is an answer:

a) Where a compulsive shopper buys her milk?
b) What did a compulsive shopper tell a researcher?
c) Who did a compulsive shopper tell her habits to?
d) Why has a compulsive shopper told a researcher about
her habits?
e) How has a compulsive shopper told a researcher her

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