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Pronomes - parte 2

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Pronomes - parte 2 Empty Pronomes - parte 2

Mensagem por Pedro em Sab 14 Jun 2014, 4:20 pm

033 | UNESP 1983
That sports car is very expensive. The car dealer told me that
__________ price is 10,000 dollars.

a) her
b) his
c) its
d) their
e) hers

034 | UNESP 1983
I have met that girl before, but I can't remember
__________ name.

a) her
b) his
c) your
d) its
e) yours

035 | UNESP 1984
Peter brought his dogs and I brought __________.

a) my
b) your
c) mine
d) the mine
e) our

036 | UNESP 1985
This dictionary is in __________ fourth edition.

a) his
b) her
c) its
d) it's
e) their

037 | UNESP 1986
Which team won the game?
__________ team did.

a) Theirs
b) They
c) Their
d) Them
e) Yours

038 | UNESP 1996
He said he was going to pass __________ exam.

a) his
b) her
c) its
d) their
e) our

039 | UFSM 2002 – ADAPTED
Stars do it. Sports do it. Judges in the highest courts do it.
Let's do it: that yoga thing.

– Observe que o "it" se repete. A que se refere?

a) Stars.
b) Sports.
c) Judges.
d) India.
e) Yoga.

040 | CESGRANRIO 1991
Mark the option that contains the appropriate pronouns to
complete the sentences below:

Animals' teeth are changing (I) composition.
That animal had (II) teeth in perfect conditions.
He brushes (III) teeth whenever he eats something.
If the patient dies, we call (IV) relatives.
The bacteria found (V) way to the stomach.

a) (I) their, (II) its, (III) his, (IV) his, (V) their
b) (I) its, (II) their, (III) its, (IV) his, (V) its
c) (I) their, (II) its, (III) her, (IV) her, (V) his
d) (I) his, (II) their, (III) his, (IV) her, (V) their
e) (I) their, (II) his, (III) their, (IV) its, (V) her

041 | UFRS 1996
The phrase "a book of mine" could be replaced by:

a) mine books.
b) my books.
c) some of my books.
d) a book of my.
e) one of my books.

042 | PUCPR 1996
Choose the alternative that best completes the dialogue

Bob: Do you always get good marks on __________
James: Yes, I do. I guess it's because I do __________
homework assignments and study a little every day.
Bob: How about Maria? Are __________ grades good too?
James: Yes. She's very bright and enjoys studying very much.

a) yours – my – his
b) you – my – hers
c) your – me – your
d) your – mine – yours
e) your – my – her

043 | ITA 1997 – ADAPTED
The computer giant IBM has offered $1.1 million (730.000
pounds) for a chess rematch between Garry Kasparov and
ITS super-computer, Deep Blue.

– O termo ITS em maiúsculo no texto refere-se:

a) ao computador de Garry Kasparov;
b) a Deep Blue;
c) à IBM;
d) ao computador gigante da IBM;
e) a Garry Kasparov.

044 | UDESC 1997
Complete the sentence with the CORRECT alternative:

- Whose are these shoes?
- They are __________ shoes. They belong to __________.
They are __________.

a) their – them – theirs
b) yours – you – your
c) his – he – him
d) our – us – ourself
e) hers – she – hers

045 | UNESP 1999
Assinale a alternativa correta:

In some cities people do not pay for __________ tickets.

a) them
b) his
c) our
d) her
e) their

046 | ITA 1999
Leia o recado de Ho Chi Minh aos franceses, em 1946.

"You can kill 10 of my men for every one I kill of
__________, yet even at those odds, you will lose and I will

– A lacuna encontrada na frase acima deve ser preenchida

a) yours.
b) them.
c) you.
d) theirs.
e) your.

047 | UNESP 2004
Nas orações – “Your click on the Fund Free Mammograms
button helps fund free mammograms” e “The National
Cancer Institute and U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services recommend that women in their forties and older
have mammograms every one to two years”, os adjetivos
possessivos YOUR e THEIR referem-se, respectivamente:

a) ao clique e a quarenta anos ou mais.
b) ao botão e a recomendar.
c) ao leitor e às mulheres.
d) ao leitor e a quarenta anos ou mais.
e) ao botão e às mulheres.

048 | UFPE 1996 – ADAPTED
Read the following sentence:

Computers and networks isolate us from __________.

– The correct choice to fill in the blank space is:

a) each other’s.
b) ourselves.
c) one another.
d) themselves.
e) herself.

049 | UNESP 1997
Those two women always help __________.

a) other each
b) each other
c) one other
d) other one
e) another each

050 | PUCPR 2007
Lucy hates John and John hates Lucy. Lucy and John hate

a) themselves
b) itself
c) each other
d) herself
e) himself

051 | UEL 1994
Here is some money. Go and buy __________ some decent

a) myself
b) herself
c) themselves
d) himself
e) yourself

052 | UNESP 1988
Assinale a alternativa correta:

People should know about __________.

a) yourself
b) herself
c) himself
d) themselves
e) yourselves

053 | UNESP 1996
Assinale a alternativa correta:

You can do that __________.

a) myself
b) himself
c) herself
d) yourself
e) ourselves

054 | FAAP 1997
Assinale a alternativa correta:

I took my husband to the airport __________.

a) himself
b) oneself
c) myself
d) herself
e) yourself

055 | FAAP 1997
Assinale a alternativa correta para preencher o espaço na
sentença a seguir:

Mr. Dean's secretary was ill yesterday, so he had to type the
letters __________.

a) yourself
b) themself
c) himself
d) herself
e) itself

056 | UECE 1996
Choose the incorrect alternative:

a) The hunter shot itself with his own gun.
b) She wants to buy herself a new coat.
c) Most girls like to look at themselves in the mirror.
d) I locked myself out of the house.

057 | UNESP 2000
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna
da frase apresentada:

Catherine is making __________ a dress.

a) to him
b) to her
c) himself
d) herself
e) they

058 | UFV 2000
In the sentence "We look for answers within OURSELVES",
the capital word has a meaning related to:

a) them.
b) him.
c) you.
d) us.
e) her.

059 | UERJ 2006
Reflexive pronouns have two distinct uses: basic and
emphatic. The reflexive pronoun used emphatically is found
in the option:

a) The oppressed resign themselves to their doom.
b) They tacitly adjust themselves to oppression.
c) The enforcement of the law itself is a form of peaceful
d) Our end is a community at peace with itself.

060 | PUCRS 2008 – ADAPTED
The pronoun themselves in the sentence “the things
themselves had existed from the beginning of the world” is

a) as the complement to the verb "had existed".
b) to emphasize the subject of the verb "had existed".
c) in relation to people taken in general.
d) to specify which things are arranged.
e) as a personal pronoun.

061 | UNITAU 1995
Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à denominação do
pronome, em destaque, a seguir:

ANY day is a good day for walking.

a) Adjetivo possessivo.
b) Adjetivo indefinido.
c) Adjetivo demonstrativo.
d) Adjetivo relativo.
e) Adjetivo definido.

062 | UEL 1994
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna
da frase a seguir:

- "Why didn't you buy that sweater? It was such a good
- "Because I didn't have __________ money on me."

a) a
b) no
c) any
d) some
e) none

063 | UNESP 1985
Assinale a alternativa correta:

Those organisms pose __________ danger to human life.

a) any
b) none
c) no
d) not
e) no one

064 | UNESP 1986
__________ said she is right.

a) Somebody
b) Anybody
c) Anyone
d) Something
e) Anything

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