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Pronomes - parte 1

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Pronomes - parte 1 Empty Pronomes - parte 1

Mensagem por Pedro em Sab 14 Jun 2014, 4:18 pm

001 | ITA 1995 – ADAPTED
The defenders of Normandy were not the best of Hitler's
army. Those were in Russia and Italy, as well as in France,
but on the other side of the Seine, the Pas-de-Calais, which
the Germans thought the more likely invasion target.

(Extracted from Time – June 6, 1994)

– O pronome demonstrativo "those" faz referência aos:

a) Soldados escalados para a defesa da Normandia.
b) Soldados soviéticos da Ásia Central.
c) Soldados mais adestrados do exército de Hitler.
d) Soldados das divisões estacionárias.
e) Soldados russos, italianos e franceses.

002 | UNIRIO 1995 – ADAPTED
Researchers at Ohio State have developed a way to speed up
the growth of native shade trees – and the local utility plans
to help promote these saplings to homeowners.

(Popular Science – October, 1994, p.39)

– A palavra THESE em "…and the local utility plans to help
promote these saplings to homeowners" refere-se a:

a) plans.
b) trees.
c) researchers.
d) bills.
e) costs.

003 | UFMG 1995 – ADAPTED
20 Feb. – 20 March
Every 200-odd years your fate becomes closely linked, for a
while, to your neighboring sign Aquarius. This is one of those
times – so read their horoscope as well!

– THIS in refers to:

a) Aquarius.
b) confusion.
c) horoscope.
d) travelling.
e) urging.

004 | UFAL 2000 – ADAPTED
If you're planning a trip abroad __________ summer, don't
let phrasebooks leave you tongue-tied.

a) a
b) an
c) the
d) this
e) that

005 | PUCMG 2001 – ADAPTED
I had just participated in a project that was to determine the
minimum size of forest fragment necessary to save native
species of animals and plants from extinction. With this
information, scientists could then work to form preservation
areas in the forest fragments left behind by cattle ranchers.

– The word THIS refers to the:

a) utilization of many valuable native species
b) necessity of urgently saving birds from extinction
c) size of the forest needed for wildlife reserves
d) destruction of thousands of native species

006 | UNIFESP 2002 – ADAPTED
The rise of molecular biology since the late 1950s has had
the gradual and quite unforeseen effect of turning the eyes
of medical scientists increasingly toward the basic
mechanisms of life, rather than disease and death. Of
course, this has always been the orientation of all non-
medical biologists, studying growth, reproduction, nutrition
or any of the other characteristics shared by all living things.

– A palavra "this" refere-se a:

a) research in molecular biology.
b) gradual and unforeseen effect.
c) medical scientists.
d) study of basic mechanisms of life.
e) study of disease and death.

007 | MACKENZIE 1998
Choose the correct alternative:

"Aquele é o Tim perto da porta?"
"Não, Tim é o que está na janela."

a) "Is that Tim on the door?"
"No, Tim is the one on the window."
b) "Is that Tim near the door?"
"No, Tim is the one on in the window."
c) "Is that Tim next to the door?”
"No, Tim is that one through the window."
d) "Is that Tim over the door?"
"No, Tim is that one across the window."
e) "Is that Tim by the door?"
"No, Tim is the one at the window."

008 | UNESP 1984
I know he'll tell __________ a different story.

a) they
b) his
c) your
d) we
e) us

009 | UFMG 1995

Love Among the Laundry

When Sally found a man's striped sock curled among her
clothes at the launderette she returned it to the tall dark
young man with a shy smile. They met there every week for
several months, then were seen no more. One of their
wedding presents had been a washing machine.

(Molly Burnett)

– The word IT in “she returned it to the tall dark young man”
refers to:

a) a smile.
b) a sock.
c) the launderette.
d) the laundry
e) the machine.

010 | UNITAU 1995
Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à sequência de
pronomes que mais adequadamente completam a sentença
a seguir:

__________ cat is sick because __________ ate __________
spoiled food over there.

a) Its; he; that
b) Its; he; this
c) His; its; this
d) Its; it; that
e) His; it; that

011 | UEL 1996
Mexicans can thank the peso crash for one thing: IT has
forced them to confront the country's deep-seated political
problems. Disappointed with the ruling party, the PRI, they
are demanding a truly First World government.

– In the above text, IT refers to:

a) Mexicans.
b) peso crash.
c) PRI.
d) Mexico.
e) political problems.

012 | UNESP 1989
__________ work in the field of engineering.

a) She
b) They
c) He
d) Them
e) It

013 | UFSC 1996 – ADAPTED
Choose the GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT propositions to
complete the blanks in the following sentence:

__________ were working, when she __________.

01. They – arrived.
02. He – Arrives.
04. We – left.
08. Mary – is writing.
16. You – called.
32. David and Gregoire – came in.

– Now, mark the correct sequence:

a) 01 + 04 + 16 + 32 = 53
b) 01 + 02 + 04 + 08 = 15
c) 01 + 04 + 08 + 16 = 29
d) 02 + 04 + 08 + 16 + 32 = 62
e) 02 + 08 + 32 = 42

014 | UFV 1996
The word THEY in the sentence “Personality questionnaires
were sent out to more than 2000 men and women without
prior selection; when THEY were returned, the birth dates
were noted and the results were put through a computer”,
refers to:

a) results.
b) men.
c) questionnaires.
d) birth dates.
e) women.

015 | CESGRANRIO 1991
The pronoun IT in the sentence “When we eat something
with sugar in it, particularly refined sugar, enzymes in the
saliva in the mouth begin to work immediately to change
that sugar into a type of carbohydrate” refers to the word:

a) saliva.
b) sugar.
c) mouth.
d) something.
e) refined sugar.

016 | UNESP 1998
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente cada
lacuna da frase adiante:

Do you think __________ is as experienced as __________?

a) her – I
b) him – she
c) she – I
d) myself – we
e) they – him

017 | PUCPR 1997
Fill in the blanks of the text below with the appropriate

Dear Debbie,
How are you? Lisa and I are having a marvelous holiday. We
are really enjoying __________. We brought three tubes of
suntan cream with __________ and we've used __________
all up already. Lisa is a bit annoyed because her suntan isn't
as good as __________.

a) ourselves – we – them – mine
b) ourselves – us – them – mine
c) us – us – they – my
d) us – we – themselves – mine
e) ourselves – ourselves – they – my

018 | CESGRANRIO 1993
Mark the option which completes the following sentences
with the adequate pronouns:

I. Businessmen have __________ own priorities.
II. Everyone must feel happy with __________ working
III. Working from home allows a mother to spend more time
with __________ children.
IV. If you have never tried to work at home, you cannot
discuss __________ disadvantages.

a) I. his, II. their, III. her, IV. their
b) I. their, II. its, III. their, IV. its
c) I. their, II. his, III. her, IV. its
d) I. its, II. your, III. its, IV. their
e) I. his, II. his, III. their, IV. your

019 | FEI 1997

Stay with __________ while I drive __________ car.

a) I – your
b) she – you
c) me – your
d) me – yours
e) her – yours

020 | UECE 1998
Em "It was HER sister Josephine who told HER", os vocábulos
em maiúsculo classificam-se respectivamente como:

a) pronome adjetivo/pronome objeto
b) pronome substantivo/pronome sujeito
c) pronome adjetivo/pronome sujeito
d) pronome substantivo/pronome objeto

021 | UNESP 2001
As a tool, the computer assists __________ to perform a lot
of activities.

a) we
b) us
c) ourselves
d) they
e) to us

022 | UEL 2001 – ADAPTED
"A Chinese employee at Motorola complained that the
company had been cheated when it bought numbers
wholesale for its own staff, because IT was given numbers
that all ended in 4 (e.g. 54-7424), which means death."

– The capital word IT in the sentence above refers to:

a) wholesale.
b) a Chinese employee.
c) the Motorola company.
d) the number 54-7424.
e) death.

023 | PUCSP 2002 – ADAPTED
Na frase "Women now become doctors at nearly the same
rate as men, but they become physicians, not surgeons", o
pronome they refere-se a:

a) doctors.
b) physicians.
c) surgeons.
d) men.
e) women.

024 | UFV 2001
In the sentence "Please give us the intelligence to save what
is left of our environment", the pronouns us and our relate

a) we.
b) they.
c) I.
d) she.
e) you.

025 | UNESP 1995
Assinale a alternativa correta:

They saw men and women talking to __________ own

a) his
b) her
c) them
d) they
e) their

026 | PUCPR 2001
Which option contains the correct use of the pronouns?

I. Could you tell __________ what has happened in the pub?
II. His uncle gave __________ the money to set up his new
III. It was kind of you to let me borrow __________
IV. She ignored __________ father's warning and jumped
into the swimming pool.
V. Just a minute, I'm going to hang __________ jacket in the

a) I. me; II. him; III. your; IV. her; V. my
b) I. them; II. her; III. your; IV. her; V. your
c) I. him; II. them; III. his; IV. its; V. mine
d) I. her; II. us; III. their; IV. our; V. yours
e) I. us; II. his; III. her; IV. his; V. him

027 | UFRN 2000 – ADAPTED
Portugal gave her people, her religion, her language, her
building and decorative arts, her culture and habits, to
Brazil, to West and East Africa, to the Red Sea, to India and
Sri Lanka, to China and Japan, to the East Indies.

Highlife, London: British Airways. July 1997. p. 121-122.

– No texto acima, o vocábulo "her" ocorre cinco vezes e, em
todas essas situações, refere-se a:

a) cultura.
b) povo.
c) China.
d) Portugal.

028 | UFAL 1999 – ADAPTED
Between 1950 and 1960, Japanese manufacturing output
grew at an average annual rate of 16.7 per cent and
__________ GNP (Gross National Product) at about 10 per

– Preencha corretamente a lacuna do texto:

a) theirs
b) our
c) it
d) ours
e) its

029 | FAAP 1997
His niece has __________ meals in town.

a) her
b) their
c) your
d) his
e) yours

030 | PUCSP 2006 – ADAPTED
When the Portuguese arrived in Brazil five centuries ago,
they encountered a fundamental problem: the indigenous
peoples they conquered spoke more than 700 languages.
Rising to the challenge, the Jesuit priests accompanying
them concocted a mixture of Indian, Portuguese and African
words they called "língua geral," or the "general language,"
and imposed it on their colonial subjects.

Adaptado de

– No texto acima, palavra "THEM" refere-se a:

a) povos indígenas.
b) padres jesuítas.
c) sujeitos colonizados.
d) índios, africanos e portugueses.
e) portugueses.

031 | JFS 2000
Dadas as sentenças:

I. THE TITANIC sank in the beginning of the XX century.
III. MY PET is the smartest of the neighborhood. Everybody
enjoys seeing him.

– A alternativa que possui os pronomes que substituem
corretamente os termos em destaque é:

a) It – She – It
b) It – She – He
c) He – She – He
d) She – He – He
e) She – It – He

032 | PUCCAMP 1992
Peter L. Berger, one of America's most important
sociologists, exhorts politicians to operate with "the ethic of
responsibility" (borrowing a phrase from Max Weber) and
consider the moral consequences of their actions.

Adapted from Dialogue, 2/1989

– In the text, the pronoun "their" refers to:

a) sociologists.
b) philosophers.
c) politicians.
d) consequences.
e) actions.

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