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Conjunções - parte 1

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Conjunções - parte 1

Mensagem por Pedro em Dom 15 Jun 2014, 8:38 pm

001 | ITA 1995
'It's "weird" he muses, 'we're getting more comfortable
playing live, and we're playing more consistently every night.
Yet sometimes it's more difficult to get in that state of mind
where you can just lose yourself to the music.'

Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam

– A palavra "Yet", relacionada no texto, poderia ser
substituída por:

a) Furthermore.
b) And.
c) Nevertheless.
d) Already.
e) Rather.

002 | UNITAU 1995
Assinale a alternativa que corresponde a um sinônimo para a
palavra, em destaque, a seguir:

DESPITE the growing use of computers in classrooms
American universities are still graduating millions of
technological illiterates.

a) spite
b) spite the
c) in spite of
d) spite of
e) spite of the

003 | CESGRANRIO 1995
The sentence "Though overshoppers later experience
considerable remorse, they find shopping exciting" contains
an idea of:

a) addition.
b) alternative.
c) cause.
d) condition.
e) contrast.

004 | UNIRIO1995
A palavra que poderia substituir a expressão AS A RESULT
em "As a result, Struve claims, he can halve the time
required to grow a 1.5-inch diameter red oak" sem alteração
do significado é:

a) Therefore.
b) However.
c) Moreover.
d) Besides.
e) Anyhow.

005 | UNIRIO 1995 – ADAPTED
Research shows that sunscreens may not be as effective as
hoped at preventing sunburn. Users may be spending long
hours in the sun with a false sense of security, and though
lotions may protect against sunburning UVB rays, it does
little to block out the potentially more dangerous UVA rays.

– The word THOUGH (ref.:2) can be replaced with:

a) but.
b) however.
c) therefore.
d) besides.
e) yet.

006 | FGV 1995 – ADAPTED
The idea that executives need to fly on business class
__________ they can work is bogus.

– Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna
do texto:

a) though
b) so
c) for
d) until
e) since

007 | FGV 1995
The new economic order was supposed to bring rapid
growth for the industrialized nations, as emerging capitalist
countries joined a global free trade system __________
brutal competition from the Third World and the Soviet
block has stalled the developed nations.

– A palavra que preenche melhor a lacuna do texto é:

a) Because.
b) Instead.
c) Moreover.
d) Therefore.
e) While.

008 | ITA 1996
We don't believe your needs should have to wait just
because it's 2 o'clock in the morning.

– A palavra because, em destaque no texto, poderia ser
substituída por:

a) while.
b) how.
c) like.
d) since.
e) for.

009 | MACKENZIE 1996
Yes, I know Mario quite well; __________, I __________ to
see him at the club last weekend.

a) furthermore – had
b) thus – wanted
c) in fact – happened
d) whereas – waited
e) despite – liked

Corporations can no longer afford lifetime employment and
the seniority system, whereas young workers do not
consider company life the most important.

– The meaning of whereas in the text is:

a) sufficiently.
b) theoretically.
c) at present.
d) intensely.
e) while.

011 | MACKENZIE 1996
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following

He had a headache; __________, he __________ the

a) hence – declined
b) then – dismissed
c) otherwise – refused
d) so – quit
e) however – failed

012 | UFPR 1994 – ADAPTED
IN ADDITION, much of the water is polluted and salty.

– In the sentence above, the expression in capital letter can
be replaced by:

01) Consequently
02) Besides
04) Also
08) In contrast
16) As soon as
32) However
64) Moreover

a) 01 + 02 + 04 + 64 = 71
b) 01 + 02 + 08 + 16 = 27
c) 02 + 04 + 08 + 32 = 46
d) 02 + 04 + 64 = 70
e) 02 + 04 + 32 + 64 = 102

013 | UEL 1995
A lacuna é corretamente preenchida pela alternativa:

__________ he is lazy, he makes a lot of money.

a) But
b) Thus
c) Due to
d) Unless
e) Although

014 | CESGRANRIO 1993
Freedom, however, poses its own problems. The biggest
advantage is that you are in charge of everything. And the
biggest disadvantage is that you are in charge of everything.
Typical problems include a sense of isolation, lack of
motivation, and, conversely, the feeling that you can never
get away from your work.

– The word CONVERSELY means:

a) on the other hand.
b) additionally.
c) firstly.
d) especially.
e) even though.

015 | MACKENZIE 1996
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following

I. Study harder; __________ you'll fail.
II. I know nothing about it; __________, I can't help you.
III. The editors continue to publish, __________ irregularly,
two journals.
IV. __________ being a good actor, he is also an excellent
soccer player.

a) I. otherwise; II. thus; III. albeit; IV. Besides
b) I. although; II. therefore; III. for; IV. And
c) I. so; II. so that; III. but; IV. Moreover
d) I. or else; II. consequently; III. besides; IV. Also
e) I. also; II. as a consequence; III. then; IV. In addition

016 | UNIRIO 1996
The word SO in "So despite the extent to which loneliness
affects nearly everyone at various times, it presents a
challenge to researchers" expresses:

a) comparison.
b) consequence.
c) purpose.
d) contrast.
e) cause.

017 | FAAP 1997
I don't know __________ she is as optimist or a pessimist

a) each
b) how many
c) weather
d) like that
e) whether

018 | CESGRANRIO 1990
Mark the word that can appropriately be used to fill the
blank and expand the sentence "Men not only cry less
frequently, __________ they also do it somewhat

a) yet
b) but
c) and
d) although
e) however

019 | CESGRANRIO 1990
A less significant but perhaps more curious use of the laser
in medicine is to remove tattoos. Whereas before tattoos
were virtually impossible to remove without considerable
difficulty and pain, now they can be removed relatively

– The word WHEREAS means:

a) as.
b) when.
c) while.
d) where.
e) because.

020 | CESGRANRIO 1991
The clause "As one eats…" as in" As one eats, particles of the
sugary food get stuck between the teeth and around the
gums" can be paraphrased as:

a) While we eat...
b) When they eat...
c) Though we eat...
d) Because you eat...
e) As one thing is eaten...

021 | UEL 1997 – ADAPTED
__________ you want to stay young, sit down and have a
good think.

a) Though
b) But
c) So
d) Then
e) If

In the sentences:

1. Now, if this process happens each time we eat sugar, we
can see that eating excessive amounts of sugar causes more
and more tooth decay.
2. However, sweets are often eaten as snacks between
meals and during the day, times when people generally do
not brush after eating.
3. Therefore, the dangerous process of tooth decay is
allowed to continue.

– The words NOW, HOWEVER and THEREFORE could be
substituted by:

a) Than – But – Thus
b) These days – Perhaps – So
c) Because – Although – Meanwhile
d) Recently – Even though – Besides
e) Well – Nevertheless – Consequently

023 | UEL 1997
A lacuna é corretamente preenchida pela alternativa:

I'd like to talk to him __________ he arrives.

a) while
b) rather than
c) since
d) as soon as
e) because

024 | UFF 1997
In the sentence "It was as if he forgot who I was", AS IF

a) even though
b) as though
c) although
d) as for
e) if possibly

025 | PUCSP 1998
No período "The struggle to have a piece of land to work on
for a decent living has produced rifes and conflicts between
the landless peasants, ON ONE HAND, and the powerful
landowners and the government, ON THE OTHER", as
expressões on one hand e on the other indicam uma relação

a) alternância.
b) adição.
c) oposição.
d) consequência.
e) causalidade.

026 | CESGRANRIO 1992
'A good story,' he thought. So he went there – it took 36
hours by train and canoe.

– The relationship between these two sentences is NOT one

a) consequence.
b) conclusion.
c) result.
d) cause.
e) time.

027 | ITA 1998
In an early article, McKay suggested that the occurrence of
PAHs (polyaromatic hydrocarbons) and textural and
mineralogical features in the Martian meteorite ALH84001
were consistent with the presence of past life on Mars. A
series of technical comments and responses address
whether abiotic processes could have instead produced
these features.

SCIENCE – December 20, 1996.

– Assinale a conjunção que poderia ligar as idéias contidas
nos dois períodos do texto anterior:

a) Whereas
b) Moreover
c) Thus
d) However
e) Hence

028 | ITA 1997 – ADAPTED
At present, neither offers full access to the Internet – they
are linked by a "gateway" through which e-mail can be sent
and received, but which denies access to many of the
delights the Net has to offer. __________, both companies
are widening the gateways in the near future.

– A alternativa que melhor preenche a lacuna é:

a) Besides.
b) In addition.
c) However.
d) Furthermore.
e) Finally.

029 | UFRS 1996
__________ subdue the new territory, Americans had to
face severe conditions.

a) So as
b) In order that
c) As for
d) In order to
e) By order that

030 | ITA 1997 – ADAPTED
Many manufacturers believe that the only MEANS to greater
production capacity is augmenting the old with the new.
Virtually all of the world's LEADING semiconductor
companies are building new fabs to satisfy projected

– Uma outra forma de se escrever o trecho "despite
concerns about monthly book/bill ratios", em maiúsculo, no
texto é:

a) case of the concerns about monthly book/bill ratios.
b) ...because of the concerns about monthly book/bill ratios.
c) ...due to the concerns about monthly book/bill ratios.
d) ...rather than getting concerned about monthly book/bill
e) ...although they are concerned about monthly book/bill

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Re: Conjunções - parte 1

Mensagem por layanne422 em Ter 16 Set 2014, 10:57 pm

respostas, por favor.


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Re: Conjunções - parte 1

Mensagem por Pedro em Qua 17 Set 2014, 1:58 pm


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Re: Conjunções - parte 1

Mensagem por layanne422 em Qua 17 Set 2014, 2:19 pm

Obrigada Very Happy


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Re: Conjunções - parte 1

Mensagem por Pedro em Qua 17 Set 2014, 3:03 pm

Você é bem-vinda!

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Re: Conjunções - parte 1

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