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Mensagem por Pedro em Dom 15 Jun 2014, 8:59 pm

“Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends.” Czech Proverb

001 | UEL 1997
Assinale a tradução correta dos termos em maiúsculo:

I DON'T FEEL LIKE being indoors all day. Let's go for a long

a) Não estou com vontade
b) Não acho ruim
c) Não creio que é uma boa idéia
d) Não concordo
e) Não estou pensando em

002 | CESGRANRIO 1993
Mark the item which contains the adequate translation for
the saying “Out of sight, out of mind”.

a) Quem não deve, não teme.
b) Quem quer faz, quem não quer manda.
c) Deus ajuda a quem cedo madruga.
d) Longe dos olhos, longe do coração.
e) Em terra de cego, quem tem um olho é rei.

003 | ITA 1996
Na frase “He is very, very rich and so powerful that even his
enemies are eager to cut deals with him”, o significado de to
cut é:

a) competir
b) concordar
c) compartilhar
d) tornar–se
e) cortar (qualquer tipo de relação)

004 | UEL 1997
Assinale a versão correta da frase a seguir:

Prefiro ir de carro.

a) I like cars.
b) I dislike cars.
c) I always go by car.
d) I'd rather go by car.
e) I don't have a car.

005 | CESGRANRIO 1991
In “The sweet-and-lovely look is OUT; the aggressive punk
pose is IN” the capital words stand for:

a) out of work / in vogue
b) out of sight / in mind
c) out of order / in memory
d) out of date / in fashion
e) out of mind / in sight

006 | UFRS 1997
The expressions immediately off and were off, in the
sentence below, mean respectively:

There were four last stragglers who stopped to examine a
small dogwood immediately off the terrace, but one of our
dogs barked in the distant kennels and the deer were off
into the woods.

a) close to – went away
b) approximately – far off
c) in – gathered
d) nearby – far away
e) together – jumped

007 | CESGRANRIO 1995
Most names of jobs are used for both men and women.
Mark the one that refers only to males:

a) psychiatrist
b) social scientist
c) waiter
d) doctor
e) researcher

008 | MACKENZIE 1996
The group was discussing Freud's view of the __________
and __________.

a) consciousness – unconsciousness
b) conscious – unconscious
c) consciousness – unconscious
d) consciously – unconscious
e) unconsciously – conscious

009 | UFPE 1996
Identifique a(s) palavra(s) ou expressão(ões) que melhor
complete(m) o sentido da sentença abaixo utilizando V ou F
e, em seguida, marque a sequência correta:

... began the moment the Burma Star contingent started to
march, led unexpectedly by one of its members, the Duke of

( ) Crying
( ) Cheering
( ) Rejoicing
( ) Applauding with shouts
( ) Encouraging by shouts

a) F – V – V – V – V
b) F – V – V – V – F
c) V – V – V – V – F
d) F – V – V – F – V
e) V – F – F – F – F

010 | UEL 1996
Assinale a tradução correta da frase entre aspas:

- "Can you tell me how to get there?"
- Of course I can.

a) Você pode me dizer como se consegue isso lá?
b) Quem pode me contar como se faz isso?
c) Você pode me ensinar o caminho?
d) Como se pode ir de lá para cá?
e) Você consegue atravessar para o outro lado?

011 | UEL 1996
Assinale a versão correta da frase a seguir:

Não posso comprar um carro novo.

a) I shouldn't be thinking of a new car.
b) I can't afford a new car.
c) I can't buy anything new.
d) If it is new, I don't want it.
e) Who needs a new car anyway?

012 | FEI 1996
I'd prefer to stay here. That's what I'd __________.

a) do
b) do best
c) have done
d) rather do
e) doing

013 | FUVEST 1977
Qual destas sentenças está correta?

a) Don't translate word of word.
b) Don't translate word with word.
c) Don't translate word at word.
d) Don't translate word to word.
e) Don't translate word for word.

014 | FUVEST 1978
Assinale a alternativa que corresponde a seguinte sentença
em inglês:

Não deixe de me avisar quando você pretende fazer uma

a) Don't fail to advise me if you pretend to travel.
b) Don't leave me to know when you intend to go for a trip.
c) Don't let me warn you when you pretend to go for a trip.
d) Don't leave my advice when you intend to travel.
e) Don't fail to let me know when you intend to take a trip.

015 | PUCCAMP 1994
Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche
corretamente as lacunas da frase apresentada.

"Hi, Jane!"
"Hi, Susan. How have you been?"
"Oh, just fine. What have you done? You look so different!"
"Me? Different? I don't know."
"Maybe it's your hair."
"Oh, that’s maybe __________."
"It looks quite nice."
"Thank you. Well, I've got to go. See you around."
"See you. Bye."

a) I'm cutting my hair
b) I just cut your hair
c) I'm going to have a haircut
d) You had a haircut
e) I just had my hair cut

016 | ESPCEX 1999
How long __________ John to get to work?

a) does it take
b) it takes
c) takes
d) does he take
e) he takes

017 | UFPE 1999
“Quem dera eu fosse um astro do rock-and-roll” in English is:

a) I wish I to be a rock-and-roll star.
b) I wish I were a rock-and-roll star.
c) Who wishes to be a rock-and-roll star.
d) I want be a rock-and-roll star.
e) I was wishing I was a rock-and-roll star.

018 | JFS 2007
If you stay up very late __________ or __________, you
burn the midnight oil.

a) dancing – partying
b) drinking – smoking
c) working – studying
d) sleeping – snoring

019 | JFS 2008
A normal person has:

a) twenty fingers and two hands.
b) two shoulders and four knees.
c) three legs and one heart.
d) two lungs and four livers.
e) ten fingers and ten toes.

020 | JFS 2010
- How many students are there in the classroom?

– The capital expression means:

a) Eleven.
b) Twelve.
c) Thirteen.
d) Fourteen.
e) Fifteen.

021 | EFOMM 2012
Choose the word that completes the idea of the following
statement correctly:

Michael is a __________ smoker. He smokes three packs of
cigarettes a day.

a) violent
b) fierce
c) big
d) chain
e) strong

022 | EFOMM 2012
In the sentences below, seem and appear are used correctly,
except in:

a) It seemed like a good idea at first.
b) I can’t appear to make her notice the events.
c) It seems a pity, but I can't see you this weekend.
d) He seems younger than he is.
e) The baby appears hungry.

023 | EFOMM 2010
Mark the alternative in which DO and MAKE are all used
a) Do a favor/ make repairs/ make amends/ make a bargain
b) Make a bid/ make a demand/ do ends meet/ make an
c) Make an excuse/ make a face/ make as much as you can/
make business
d) Do a proposal/ make a scene/ do silly things/ make a
e) Do an errand/ make fun of/ make known/ do friends

024 | JFS 2012
If someone is __________ bullets, they're very worried or

a) shooting
b) sweating
c) dodging
d) biting
e) killing

025 | JFS 2012
Fill in the gaps meaningfully:

I. Could you speak a little __________, please?
II. I must be __________ weight, some clothes of mine don’t
fit me anymore.
III. I can’t __________ the washing machine work.
IV. __________ your brother, I must warn you to be careful.

a) loudly / loosing / make / As
b) louder / losing / make / As
c) aloud / losing / do / As
d) louder / loosing / make / Like
e) louder / loosing / do / Like

026 | EFOMM 2008
In: “We were a bit worried about the new manager because
we heard that she liked to run a tight ship.”, the expression
in bold means: ‘to be well ...’

a) organized
b) disposed
c) received
d) placed
e) educated

027 | AFA 2004 – ADAPTED
Among eighteen recorded CD’s by the London Starlight
Orchestra, eleven are dedicated to some good movies. They
are considered veracious musical photographs as part of the
story of cinema. “Take My Breath Away”, from Moroder and
Witlock, is the love theme of the remarkable movie “Top
Gun” and also from the album that contains more than
seventeen of the same type.

According to the title of the song mentioned in the text
above, what´s the best definition for the lover´s feeling?

a) you keep air my lungs and not let it out.
b) you make me feel shocked by surprise.
c) you make me feet brand new.
d) you hold my breath deeply

028 | JFS 2012
Parker's fun at parties, but his brother's a wet blanket.

– A partir da sentença acima, podemos concluir que o irmão
de Parker é, em inglês:

a) a faint-hearted Guy.
b) a timid person.
c) a gatecrasher.
d) a killjoy.
e) a miserable man.

029 | JFS 2012
Vocabulário Img16
Adapted from

– No cartun acima, a expressão hit the sack poderia ser
substituída por:

a) turn in.
b) sleep over.
c) stretch my legs.
d) pull back.
e) fork out.

030 | JFS 2010
“Although the risk of a double-dip recession is still
significant, it is not the most likely scenario,” said Diane
Swonk, chief economist at Mesirow Financial. “Moreover,
there are no silver bullets when it comes to fueling

– The expressions in bold can be defined respectively as:

a) The worst-case scenario the economy of a country may
face – A doubtful solution
b) When the economy moves back into a deeper and longer
recession – An impossible solution
c) A recession twice stronger than the previous one – A
solution that seems magical
d) A recession followed by a short-lived recovery, followed
by another recession – A complete solution to a large
e) A recession that will be twice longer than the previous
one – A definitive solution to a huge problem

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems,
but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”
Herm Albright

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