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Preposições - parte 2

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Preposições - parte 2 Empty Preposições - parte 2

Mensagem por Pedro em Dom 15 Jun 2014, 8:36 pm

031 | ITA 1997 – ADAPTED
Probably the only thing that Brazil's two pay TV
heavyweights, Globo and TVA, agree __________ is that the
country's multichannel business is on the verge of a boom.

– Qual a preposição que melhor preenche a lacuna?

a) for
b) on
c) at
d) by
e) in

032 | CESGRANRIO 1998
The following sentences must be completed with "between"
or "among":

I. There were no radicals __________ her close friends.
II. The students talked quietly __________ themselves
before the test started.
III. The father and the mother sat in the sofa, with the baby
__________ them.
IV. The Queen of England is not very popular now
__________ the British people.
V. There is much difference __________ the American and
the Brazilian education systems.

– "Between" must be used in sentences:

a) III and V only.
b) I, II and III only.
c) II, III and IV only.
d) II, IV and V only.
e) I, II, III and V only.

033 | CESGRANRIO 1998
Fill in the blanks of the text below with the correct

No higher education reforms are likely to be adopted
__________ time to affect the choice that a student or his
family makes about where the student should go to college
today. For a student, not having to worry about cost would
be a wonderful option. But __________ almost every
student to be able to go to school these days, working out
matters of cost is an essential part __________ choosing the
best college.

a) on, to and in
b) on, for and at
c) in, for and of
d) in, before and in
e) about, to and of

034 | UFRS 1997
Fill in the blank below with the best alternative:

Political corruption and civil unrest are __________ Mexico's
modern problems.

a) because
b) between
c) throughout
d) among
e) although

035 | FEI 1997

Pablo said that __________ Spain, everybody sleeps
__________ 1 and 4 PM.

a) with – among
b) among – between
c) between – among
d) among – at
e) in – at

036 | MACKENZIE 1999
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following

She's used __________ running __________ the park
__________ 6 p.m.

a) for – at – at
b) for – in – at
c) at – in – before
d) into – at – about
e) to – in – after

037 | UNESP 1999
Jim wanted to buy a ticket __________ the nine o'clock bus.

a) for
b) into
c) out
d) of
e) over

038 | MACKENZIE 1998
She sent __________ a beautiful birthday card.

a) for her teacher
b) to her teacher
c) into her teacher
d) her teacher
e) up to her teacher

039 | UFRS 1998
Escolha a melhor alternativa para preencher as lacunas da
frase a seguir:

__________ 1948 an American woman was employed
__________ the first time __________ a jet pilot
__________ an American airline.

a) In – at – as – for
b) During – by – like – in
c) From – on – with – by
d) On – for – like – by
e) In – for – as – by

040 | UEL 1998
The not-for-credit series of 13 interdisciplinary lectures
focuses on the creation of myths and explores parallels to
Eva Perón and the Virgin Mary, __________ others.

– Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna
do texto:

a) between
b) among
c) above
d) under
e) across

041 | PUCPR 1998
Choose the RIGHT alternative to complete the spaces:

I. I stayed in New York __________ two months.
II. The film didn't begin __________ nine o'clock.
III. I go there __________ an hour.
IV. They've been mending the road __________ last
V. I'll be working in a bank __________ three years.

a) by – in – since – for – until
b) for – until – in – since – for
c) by – until – in – before – for
d) since – by – before – until – by
e) until – since – by – for – since

042 | MACKENZIE 1998
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following

"Apartments __________ rent are difficult __________
nowadays", said the tenant.

a) on – for find
b) for – for finding
c) to – for finding
d) on – to be found
e) for – to find

043 | CESGRANRIO 1999
Advertising is capitalism's soft sell. Girls growing up and
housewives worried __________ achieving their roles are
the foremost consumers. Advertising sets out to make
advertisements, to make them jealous __________ the
person they would become if they bought the product.

– Check the item that contains the missing prepositions that
complete the text above:

a) with – to – in – of
b) with – with – of – of
c) with – through – of – at
d) about – with – in – of
e) about – with – on – at

044 | MACKENZIE 1998
__________ Christmas people usually sing __________.

a) On – pop music
b) On – musics
c) In – lyrics
d) About – lullabies
e) At – carols

045 | UECE 1999
"They may find a house to live in for the winter". A partícula
IN, usada na frase, emprega-se de modo INCORRETO, no
seguinte exemplo:

a) There are three girls in the group.
b) They walked home in the rain.
c) In her mind, he is guilty.
d) He began his new job in Monday.

046 | UNESP 2000
The boys and girls ran __________ the street.

a) above
b) with
c) at
d) down
e) back

047 | UFSM 2000 – ADAPTED
A conflict that goes back to the 1300s cannot be solved by
bombing the warring parties. The solution can come only
from within the Balkans and its people.

– A melhor tradução para a expressão from within é:

a) dos.
b) até o fim dos.
c) de fora dos.
d) à moda dos.
e) desde o início dos.

048 | UNESP 2001 – ADAPTED
In cyberspace, we can talk, exchange ideas, and assume
personae of our own creation. We have the opportunity to
build new kinds of communities, virtual communities, in
which we participate with people from all over the world,
people with whom we converse daily, people with whom we
may have fairly intimate relationships but whom we may
never physically meet.

– After I read the text above, I could realize that my friend
Christine has a terrible problem: She lives __________ 1204
Reality Boulevard but her husband lives __________

a) in – in
b) in – on
c) on – at
d) at –on
e) at – in

049 | PUCRS 2001
The prepositions in and on are correctly used in all
alternatives BUT:

a) On September I'll be in vacation.
b) He'll go on a leave in the summer.
c) She's always in a bad mood on Mondays.
d) In two months you can be on the road.
e) In the evenings I see her on TV.

050 | UNESP 2002
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna
da frase apresentada:

There are some barriers that prevent senior citizens
__________ taking part in an online market.

a) of
b) to
c) for
d) from
e) on

051 | UFRS 2000
The preposition into is used INCORRECTLY in:

a) He stood into the room, hands in his pockets.
b) The wicked witch turned the prince into a frog.
c) His texts have been translated into many languages.
d) He then went into the details of his dream.
e) They ran into each other at the corner of the street.

052 | UFSM 2001
A palavra em maiúsculo na expressão "BY 1900 Britain had
become a major world power" tem o mesmo sentido de:

a) beyond.
b) at
c) among.
d) through.
e) around.

053 | PUCMG 1999 – ADAPTED
Rudolph, skilled at surviving in the wilderness, vanished in
the mountainous woods of North Carolina.

– It can be inferred that Rudolph was __________ surviving
in the wilderness.

a) good at
b) worried about
c) interested in
d) fond of
e) anxious about

054 | PUCPR 1999
Choose the correct alternative to fill in the blanks:

I. What are you thinking __________?
II. He died __________ the injuries caused by a terrible
III. They succeeded __________ breaking the door open.
IV. Everybody laughed __________ him when he said that.
V. Why don't you concentrate __________ your studies?

a) in, of, from, on, at
b) in, of, from, at, on
c) of, from, in, at, on
d) of, at, in, from, on
e) of, from, in, on, at

055 | UFAL 1999 – ADAPTED
Ericsson is a global leader __________ mobile telephony,
supplying state-of-the-art technology and quality equipment
to customers worldwide.

– Preencha corretamente a lacuna do texto:

a) at
b) in
c) off
d) on
e) over

056 | PUCRIO 2000
Mark the sentence which must be completed with on and in,

a) I was talking __________ the phone when I heard a knock
__________ the door.
b) The boy got a bike __________ his birthday, and is now
keeping it __________ his parents' garage.
c) The Smith family lives __________ the countryside,
__________ a very cozy farm house.
d) John was invited to speak __________ the conference
__________ behalf of the company's president.
e) Several workers decided to go __________ strike
__________ the same day their boss announced his

057 | UFV/PASES 2000
Choose the best option to complete the sentence:

Bell used electricity to send the human voice __________
one place __________ another.

a) on – in
b) from – to
c) in – to
d) at – to
e) above – below

058 | UFRS 2001
The word into is used correctly in all alternatives below

a) He ran into some old friends at the airport.
b) He remained into that room where they had always met.
c) She walked into his life as a breath of fresh air.
d) It came into view when the clouds cleared the sky.
e) She went into the house carrying a bunch of flowers.

059 | UFRS 2002
Complete the following sentence with the correct

In New England, we drove __________ hours along country
roads and stayed __________ an old sea captain's home
__________ the sea.

a) for – in – off
b) during – into – by
c) up – near – from
d) during – at – out
e) for – in – by

060 | PUCPR 2003
Fill in the blanks of the following sentences with the
appropriate option:

I. They deliver the mail __________ ten o'clock.
II. __________ it was raining, we went for a walk.
III. Don't eat so much __________ you go bathing.
IV. He ran away __________ he saw the policeman.
V. You won't win __________ you try hard.

a) I. after; II. While; III. unless; IV. before; V. until
b) I. until; II. Before; III. after; IV. while; V. although
c) I. unless; II. When; III. until; IV. after; V. before
d) I. at; II. Although; III. before; IV. when; V. unless
e) I. before; II. Until; III. although; IV. unless; V. when

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