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Adjetivos e Advérbios - parte 4

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Adjetivos e Advérbios - parte 4 Empty Adjetivos e Advérbios - parte 4

Mensagem por Pedro em Sab 14 Jun 2014, 4:12 pm

Material elaborado pelo professor Jefferson Celestino da Costa.

076 | MACKENZIE 1997
A sentença "Mal sabia ele que ela era casada", em inglês,

a) He didn't little know that she married.
b) Did he little know that she was married.
c) Badly knew he that she married.
d) Little did he know that she was married.
e) Little knew he that she was married.

077 | AFA 2004
“An elderly German decided to commit suicide. Took a lot of
pills, tied a briefcase full of stones around his neck, rowed
out into the middle of the Rhine and was found sound
asleep in his boat.”

(Buffalo News)

In the first sentence “An elderly German decided to commit
suicide” the word elderly is used as:

a) a more polite form for old.
b) a synonym for eldest.
c) the comparative form of the adjective elder.
d) the comparative form of the adjective old usually used
when we compare members of a family.

078 | UFRS 2005
The word that could be placed between HAD and MET in the

a) still.
b) ever.
c) yet.
d) though.
e) already.

079 | UNESP 1995
This boat is __________ small that we can't all get in.

a) very
b) so
c) many
d) much
e) then

080 | JFS 2008
BARELY is used in "Mike and Josh have barely enough to pay
the rent this month."

– Mark the option in which it must also be used to complete
the sentence meaningfully.

a) Although she had been ill for a long time, it still came as a
shock when she __________ died.
b) If you miss this train you can __________ catch the next
c) He almost never washes the dishes and he rarely, if
__________, does any cleaning.
d) She was __________ fifteen when she won her first
e) __________ I'll have a piece of chocolate after the meals,
but it's quite rare.

081 | FUVEST 1979
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente as

It's __________ difficult to find __________ a good wine.

a) so – such
b) such – so
c) such – such
d) so – so
e) such a – so

082 | FUVEST 1979
Assinale a alternativa de significado equivalente palavra
entre aspas:

He was 'fast' asleep.

a) almost
b) quickly
c) sound
d) very
e) nearly

083 | UEL 1996 – ADAPTED
No texto a seguir, 'very' significa:

The seven-room 84th Street cooperative on Central Park
West in a solid if decidedly uncharismatic building came on
the market that 'very' morning.

a) pouco mais que.
b) mais que.
c) demasiado.
d) muito.
e) mesma.

084 | MACKENZIE 1997
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following

We're having __________ beautiful weather everybody

a) so – can relax
b) such a – wants to go out on the weekends
c) so – likes it
d) such a – have been having fun
e) such – feels good

085 | MACKENZIE 1999
I have been studying __________ I can __________ English.

a) as hard as – to learn
b) so hard as – learning
c) more hard as – to be learning
d) harder than – to have learned
e) as much hard – to learn

086 | MACKENZIE 1999
Please turn off the lights. I have to develop this film and it's
__________ here.

a) bright enough
b) much bright
c) too bright
d) brighter
e) enough bright

087 | UECE 1998 – ADAPTED
O vocábulo quite na sentença a seguir exerce a função de:

She sat with her head thrown back upon the cushion of the
chair, quite motionless.

a) substantivo.
b) adjetivo.
c) verbo.
d) advérbio.

088 | UEL 1998 – ADAPTED
A lacuna é corretamente preenchida pela alternativa:

We've been working __________ to ensure all wood comes
from well managed forests.

a) lot.
b) hardly.
c) hard.
d) very.
e) many.

089 | UFPE 2000
Allen: You're pretty dirty.
Helen: I'm even prettier when I'm clean.

– In "pretty dirty", pretty is equivalent to:

1) very
2) somewhat
3) more
4) beautiful
5) ugly

– The correct choices are:

a) 2 – 3
b) 4 – 5
c) 3 – 4
d) 1 – 2
e) 1 – 5

090 | FATEC 2005 – ADAPTED
O advérbio SO na frase "he did so efficiently and discreetly"
pode ser substituído de forma adequada e sem prejuízo de
significado por:

a) very.
b) too.
c) enough.
d) less.
e) a little.

091 | MACKENZIE 1996
Choose the correct alternative to complete the following

Mr. Myers told me he will leave __________.

a) by train; for Paris; at 8 o'clock; next week.
b) for Paris; at 8 o'clock; next week; by train.
c) next week; at 8 o'clock; by train; for Paris.
d) at 8 o'clock; next week; for Paris; by train.
e) for Paris; by train; at 8 o'clock; next week.

092 | EFOMM 2010
In the sentence "There was a lengthy pursuit, over seven
hours", there is a word formed by the suffix "y". In which
option below the word is formed by the same suffix?

a) lately
b) mostly
c) fury
d) ally
e) healthy

093 | MACKENZIE 1998
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following

__________ he studies, __________ he seems to know.

a) More – least
b) As much – as much
c) How much – more
d) The more – the less
e) The least – the more

094 | FATEC 1999
Indique a alternativa que corresponde ao sentido oposto de
LESS GUILTY empregado em "It enables them to feel less

a) Guiltier.
b) Guiltiest.
c) More guilty.
d) Most guilty.
e) Much guilty.

095 | UFPE 1998 – ADAPTED
"Learn and live" is the motto of Britain's __________ and
most innovative university – the Open University.

a) larger
b) largest
c) the largest
d) the larger
e) large

096 | UFRRJ 1999
The word below that forms its superlative like "cheapest" is:

a) unusual.
b) intelligent.
c) good.
d) small.
e) Parisian.

097 | UEL 1999 – ADAPTED
Preenche corretamente a lacuna na sentença a seguir a

Movie star Paul Newman has unveiled his __________

a) the latest
b) latest
c) latter
d) later
e) late

098 | UFV 2000
In the sentence "What is the BEST way to live?", the capital
word is the superlative form of the adjective:

a) far.
b) bad.
c) fun.
d) fair.
e) good.

099 | UFV 2001
The adjective forms "bad" and "better" have as their
superlative forms, respectively:

a) worse and the best.
b) the worst and the best.
c) the best and worse.
d) good and better.
e) better and the best.

100 | JFS 2000
After reading the following sentences attentively, mark the
alternative which contains the correct sequence of the

a) My brother bought a comfortable big American car.
b) Patty has a Colombian leather beautiful new jacket.
c) I like tall Brazilian stout charming women.
d) She has two chubby 3-year-old mischievous children.
e) Marion has a terrific book in English up-to-date language.

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