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Conjunções - parte 3

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Conjunções - parte 3 Empty Conjunções - parte 3

Mensagem por Pedro em Dom 15 Jun 2014, 8:42 pm

061 | UFF 2001
In the sentence, "In the meantime, Judge Robert Kaye will
issue his final judgment on the jury's verdict", IN THE
MEANTIME could be replaced by:

a) During.
b) Nevertheless.
c) Actually.
d) Meanwhile.
e) However.

062 | UEL 2001
Na sentença "Carr, HOWEVER, thought of a way to spot
them", a palavra HOWEVER poderia ser substituída por:

a) nevertheless.
b) also.
c) since.
d) never.
e) but.

063 | ITA 2001 – ADAPTED


In a 1975 survey, only 27 per cent of people over age 40
claimed to understand English, whereas among 15-20-year-
olds, the proportion was over 87 per cent. There is also
evidence of quite widespread use in family settings. In such
an environment, therefore, it is not surprising that a local
variety ('Singaporean English') should have begun to emerge.


Malay-medium education was introduced, with English as an
obligatory subject but increasingly being seen as a value for
international rather than intranational purposes – more a
foreign language than a second language.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language

David Crystal – CUP, 1995

– Sinônimos para THEREFORE (texto sobre Singapura) e para
RATHER THAN (texto sobre Malásia) são, respectivamente:

a) however – more than
b) altogether – before
c) thus – despite
d) as a consequence – and
e) consequently – instead of

064 | PUCRS 2001 – ADAPTED
In an era of feminist and politically correct values, not to
mention the belief that all men and women are created
equal, the fact that all men and women are not – and that
some are more beautiful than others – disturbs, confuses,
even angers.

– The word "even" is used in the same meaning as in:

a) We will not be even until you pay me.
b) Even if he attends, he may not participate.
c) He is willing, even eager, to do it.
d) She numbered all the even pages of the book.
e) After washing, the colors may not be even.

065 | PUCRS 2002 – ADAPTED
Once they are agreed, the new guidelines will go through a
series of trials, at first primarily at Cambridge University,
before being issued nationally.

– O termo "Once" pode ser substituído por:

a) Before.
b) As soon as.
c) If.
d) Unless.
e) At any time.

066 | PUCRS 2002 – ADAPTED
The first time I saw Walter Salles's brilliant Brazilian film
Central Station (Central do Brasil) was on the same day I had
to see Robin Williams's "Patch Adams", which is more or less
its American counterpart. (…) Both are about optimism in
the face of adversity, with Salles dealing with the
reformation of a cynical woman, while Williams strives to
regenerate the entire medical profession.

– A palavra while é usada com o mesmo sentido no texto e
na alternativa:

a) We must have been burgled while we were asleep.
b) You can go swimming while I am working on this paper.
c) While I am willing to help, I do not have too much time
d) While you are good at science, your friend is absolutely
e) They chatted for a while before they walked into the

067 | UNIFESP 2002 – ADAPTED
Na frase "The rise of molecular biology since the late 1950s
has had the gradual and quite unforeseen effect of turning
the eyes of medical scientists increasingly toward the basic
mechanisms of life, rather than disease and death", a
expressão rather than pode ser substituída, sem mudar o
sentido, por:

a) even if.
b) in order to.
c) moreover.
d) furthermore
e) instead of.

068 | UNIFESP 2002 – ADAPTED
Until the mid-1960s, medical research was primarily driven
by the desire to solve the problems of sick people. Although
Aristotle was what might be termed today a pure laboratory
investigator, with no thought of the clinical usefulness of his
findings, the vast majority of those physicians later
influenced by his contributions to biology were trying to
solve the mysteries of human anatomy and physiology for
the distinct purpose of combating sickness.

– A palavra "although" indica uma idéia de:

a) alternância.
b) exemplificação.
c) oposição.
d) condição.
e) enumeração

069 | PUCRIO 2002 – ADAPTED
The sentence "While French at one time was the foreign
language most favored by educated Brazilians, nowadays
many younger citizens are required in school to learn English
as a second language and are seen ¡chatting in English at the
mall, exercising their bilingual skills" expresses an idea of:

a) addition.
b) result.
c) definition.
d) conclusion.
e) contrast.

070 | MACKENZIE 2002
In which of the sentences can "since" be replaced by

a) I have enjoyed science since I was a child.
b) I am interested in this article since I like science.
c) I've been studying science since 1988.
d) Lots of strange things have happened here since last
e) Since his trip to the States, he's been very ill.

071 | PUCSP 2002
Among married women, labor-force participation rates rose
10 percentage points per decade for each 10-year period
from 1940 to 1990. So today, the rates are over 70 percent
for all women age 25 to 64, and a little over 80 percent for
women who have bachelor's degrees.

– Na frase "So today, the rates are over 70 percent for all
women age 25 to 64", a palavra so pode ser substituída, sem
alterar o sentido, por:

a) Therefore.
b) If.
c) However.
d) Nevertheless.
e) Even if.

072 | FATEC 2000
Assinale a alternativa que contém uma palavra equivalente a
thus, empregada no seguinte texto: "A child who spends too
much time on video games may not disengage from a
simulated world and THUS may be confused in the real one":

a) although
b) instead
c) therefore
d) however
e) whereas

073 | UFRS 2000 – ADAPTED
Swiss cheese? Roquefort? Is it Gouda? Well... we all know
the moon isn't really made of cheese. Cheese is just one of
the many different images seen in the charcoal-gray, black,
and white markings created by various lunar craters and
basins. (…) The Chinese see a rabbit in the dark areas and a
toad in the white.

(Fonte: Astronomy, Sept. 1999)

– De acordo com o texto, complete a sentença abaixo com a
alternativa correta:

The Chinese can see __________ a rabbit __________ a toad
on the lunar markings.

a) neither – nor
b) and – or
c) either – and
d) both – or
e) both – and

074 | UFSM 2001 – ADAPTED
A Florida panther rests quietly in the Everglades of
southwestern Florida. ALTHOUGH protected by the
Endangered Species Act, only 30 Florida panthers are
believed to survive in the Everglades victims of disease and
shrinking habitat as well as illegal hunting and automobiles.

– A palavra destacada no excerto acima estabelece uma
relação de:

a) finalidade.
b) adição.
c) tempo.
d) concessão.
e) condição.

075 | PUCSP 2001 – ADAPTED
Besides providing clues to understanding human biology,
learning about nonhuman organisms' DNA sequences can
lead to an understanding of their natural capabilities that
can be applied toward solving challenges in health care,
energy sources, agriculture, and environmental cleanup.

– A palavra BESIDES, sublinhada no fragmento acima, indica
uma relação de:

a) adição.
b) oposição.
c) consequência.
d) exemplificação.
e) finalidade.

076 | PUCSP 2001 – ADAPTED
Na frase "To help achieve these goals, researchers also are
studying the genetic makeup of several nonhuman
organisms", a palavra TO pode ser substituída por:

a) such.
b) in order to.
c) because.
d) from.
e) then.

077 | MACKENZIE 2001
Indicate the alternative that best completes the sentence:

The road was in bad condition:

a) despite, I was very late.
b) however, we didn't stop.
c) nonetheless, the road was long.
d) in fact, it was 7 o'clock.
e) if I had more time, I'd call you.

078 | MACKENZIE 2001
__________ it rained hard, the plane took __________.

a) In spite of – on
b) Unless – out of
c) If – out
d) Although – off
e) But – over

079 | UERJ 2002
What they have in common is the sight of Brazil as it sheds
its image as eternally easygoing.

– The two instances of the word AS in the sentence above
establish the following semantic relations:

a) causality and addition
b) alternation and purpose
c) concession and contrast
d) temporality and comparison

080 | UFSCAR 2000
That's not to say humanity can't become extinct. A 50-mile-
wide asteroid crashing down from space would do it. So
could a sudden and thorough collapse of earth's ecosystem
through pollution, deforestation and the like – unless we
establish some colonies in space beforehand.

– A palavra unless indica uma relação de:

a) adição.
b) exemplificação.
c) ressalva.
d) oposição.
e) consequência.

081 | PUCRS 2000 – ADAPTED
The word while as in "The groom got the idea of corporate
sponsorships while working in a small struggling animation
studio that often had to barter for services" is used with the
same meaning as in:

a) I watched the show a while ago.
b) Sabrina is blonde while Tom is redheaded.
c) While she knows he's not rich, she still wants to marry
d) I met her while I was studying at PUC.
e) We haven't seen them for a while.

082 | UFRN 2000 – ADAPTED
Through Lisbon flowed not only the gold of Brazil and West
Africa and the spices of the East Indies, but new treasures of
knowledge, new maps, accounts of different peoples and
societies, new animal and botanical species.

– A expressão correlativa not only... but indica:

a) adversidade.
b) exclusividade.
c) negação.
d) adição.

083 | FEI 2000 – ADAPTED
He'd drifted into an alternative school for troubled youths,
where, despite special classes, Frank's principal still
considered him "the worst kid of the whole lot."

– De acordo com o texto, como você traduz DESPITE?

a) No lugar de.
b) Apesar de.
c) A respeito de.
d) Enquanto que.
e) Em vez de.

084 | FATEC 1999 – ADAPTED
Because of its vision-disturbing side effects, the drug has
also been suspected of contributing to at least one plane
crash. Indeed, a Federal Aviation Administration pamphlet
recommends a prudent "six hours from Viagra to throttle".
Still, the news about Viagra is mostly happy. It works for
many men, and Pfizer, the manufacturer, estimates that 5
million prescriptions have been written.

– Assinale a alternativa que apresenta a palavra que
expressa a mesma idéia de still em "Still, the news about
Viagra is mostly happy":

a) Thus.
b) Therefore.
c) Hence.
d) Nevertheless.
e) Finally.

085 | FURG 1999
GOOD NEWS Some of the most notorious chemicals in the
1960s and 1970s such as the pesticide DDT, and PCBs – used
in a variety of goods, from electrical equipment to paint –
have been banned or heavily restricted. Shipments of toxic
waste are carefully controlled by an international treaty.
However, we have little idea of the long-term effects of all
but a few of the 70,000 and more chemicals that are in
regular use.

– O termo HOWEVER é empregado para:

a) expressar idéia de tempo.
b) dar idéia de consequência.
c) fazer referência a uma idéia já mencionada.
d) apresentar idéias semelhantes.
e) introduzir uma idéia que se opõe à anterior.

086 | PUCRS 1999 – ADAPTED
But neither the park nor the mountains are enough to
explain why Hay attracts so many visitors.

The expression "neither... nor" excludes both "the park" and
"the mountains." If they were to be included, the correct
expres​sion(s) would be:

I. not only... but also
II. either... or
III. as well as

– The correct alternative is:

a) I.
b) I and II.
c) I and III.
d) I, II and III.
e) II and III.

087 | UNIT 1999
The sentence "Although no one can predict the full effect to
the current information revolution, we can see changes in
our daily lives" expresses an idea of:

a) addition.
b) cause.
c) contrast.
d) time.
e) consequence.

088 | MACKENZIE 2000
__________ capable of walking upright, medieval men did
so for short periods of time.

a) As if
b) Since
c) Until
d) Because
e) Though

089 | MACKENZIE 2000
Choose the alternative in which WHILE is being used to
express a contrast:

a) While the machines are working, let's have some coffee.
b) I usually take a shower while my mom is preparing
c) What were you doing while Peter was studying?
d) While she was in bed, he read the paper.
e) My dad is a dreamer, while my mom is too realistic

090 | UFRRJ 2000
"I was giving a talk in a large auditorium in New England

– The selected passage expresses an idea of:

a) purpose.
b) cause.
c) place.
d) time.
e) condition.

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