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Caso genitivo

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Caso genitivo Empty Caso genitivo

Mensagem por Pedro em Dom 15 Jun 2014, 8:29 pm

001 | UNESP 1994
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna:

The __________ uncle was dead.

a) writer
b) writers
c) writer of
d) writer's
e) writers of the

002 | UNITAU 1995
Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à tradução mais
adequada da frase a seguir:

My mother's maid has just bought the dog's meat.

a) Minha mãe e a empregada acabam de comprar a carne do
b) A empregada de minha mãe acaba de comprar a carne do
c) Minha mãe acabou de fazer a carne do cachorro.
d) Minha mãe fará compras com a empregada e o cachorro.
e) Minha mãe é empregada e comprou carne de cachorro.

003 | FUVEST 1979 – ADAPTED
Reescreva empregando o caso genitivo:

John and Mary are cousins. Have you met the parents of
John and of Mary?

a) John and Mary are cousins. Have you met John and Mary's
b) John and Mary are cousins. Have you met John's and
Mary's parents.
c) John and Mary are cousins. Have you met John's and Mary
d) John and Mary are cousins. Have you met John's and
Mary's parents’.
e) John and Mary are cousins. Have you met John's and
Mary's parent’s.

004 | UFRS 1996
The phrases "Americans' encounter" the nation's energies"
and "America's physical geography" are examples of:

a) passive voice.
b) the infinitive.
c) the gerund,
d) the genitive.
e) indirect speech.

005 | UDESC 1997
__________ father is in Europe.

a) The Mary's and George's
b) Mary's and George
c) Mary and George's
d) Mary's and Georges's
e) The Mary and George's

006 | UNESP 1999
__________ farm is that large one? It is __________.

a) Which – Peter's
b) Whose – Peter's
c) Whose – of Peter
d) Which – for Peter
e) What – Peter's

007 | UFRS 2001
O possessivo, usado como em "Woody Allen's Sweet and
Lowdown", está correto em todas as alternativas abaixo,

a) There was a two hours' delay at the airport in London.
b) Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange is a milestone in
modern literature.
c) In our last holidays we had to cope with our young
relatives' weird ideas.
d) Elizabeth I's interest on sea voyages brought development
to England.
e) Maggie and Millie's eyebrows are so thin you can hardly
see them.

008 | FATEC 2003
Assinale a alternativa que apresenta o uso correto do caso
possessivo, como no substantivo "media" em "the media's
collective attention":

a) mens' garment.
b) womens' wear.
c) mental's disturbance.
d) children's clothes.
e) disappointment's feeling.

009 | UNESP 2005
Indique a alternativa que expressa o mesmo significado da
expressão em destaque na sentença:

It is important to remember that THE BEHAVIOR OF

a) the depressed children's behavior
b) the behavior's depressed children
c) the behavior of the depressed children's
d) the children's depressed behavior
e) the depressed behavior's children

010 | UFRS 2007
While the danger does not seem to dampen anyone's
partying spirit, violence is much feared and the threat is
much discussed among the locals.

– The use of 'S is the same in ANYONE'S PARTYING SPIRIT
and in:

a) Everyone's invited for Carnival in Rio.
b) The American's luggage was checked carefully.
c) My friend Jeremy's arrived.
d) Nobody's pleased with the situation.
e) The Mexican tourist's coming tomorrow.

011 | ITA 1990
Assinalar a alternativa onde o uso do caso genitivo esteja

a) For goodness’ sake, this is my brother-in-law’s dog.
b) For goodness’ sake, this is my brother's-in-law dog.
c) For goodness sake's, this is my brother-in-law's dog.
d) For goodness sake's, this is my brother's-in-law dog.
e) For goodness sake's, this is my brother-in-law dog's.

012 | ESPCEX 1999
The correct sentence is:

a) My father’s friend called me yesterday.
b) The table’s leg is broken.
c) I have an appointment at the office’s doctor.
d) My brother neighbour’s sister is a nurse.
e) The girls school is far from St Bartholomew’s.

013 | EFOMM 1994
Betty, Jane and I were invited to a party at __________

a) your friend’s Carol
b) our friend Carol
c) our friend Carol’s
d) your friend’s Carol’s
e) her friends’ Carol

014 | EFOMM 2000
His __________ sickness is worrying him very much.

a) mother’s-in-law
b) mother-in-law
c) mother’s-in-law’s
d) mother-in-law’s
e) mothers-in-law’s

015 | AFA 1999
The honor to a woman is to:

a) refer to the daughter of her mother’s.
b) have the same of her daughter’s name.
c) be referred to as her daughter’s mother.
d) be called by the name of her daughter’s.

016 | JFS 2000

__________ wives arrived together.

a) Alan’s and Victor’s
b) Alan’s and Victor
c) Alan and Victor’s
d) Alan’ and Victor’
e) Alan’ and Victor’s

017 | JFS 2010
Leia o fragmento a seguir:

"When you look at the architecture in Chile you see buildings
that have damage, but not the complete pancaking that
you've got in Haiti," said Cameron Sinclair, executive director
of Architecture for Humanity, a 10-year-old nonprofit that
has helped people in 36 countries rebuild after disasters.
_______________ received 400 requests for help the day
after the Haiti quake but he said it had yet to receive a single
request for help for Chile.

– O espaço em branco deve ser preenchido por qual das
seguintes opções?

a) Sinclair San Francisco’s based organization
b) Sinclair's San Francisco-based organization
c) Sinclair's San Francisco’s based organization
d) San Francisco-based organization by Sinclair
e) San Francisco’s based organization by Sinclair

018 | UDESC 1999
Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence:

The __________ offices are very modern.

a) businessmen’
b) businessmens’
c) businessmans’
d) businessmen’s

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