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Vozes ativa e passiva - parte 5

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Vozes ativa e passiva - parte 5 Empty Vozes ativa e passiva - parte 5

Mensagem por Pedro em Sab 14 Jun 2014, 9:54 pm

083 | PUCPR 1998
Choose the RIGHT alternative to complete the passage:

Everything __________ ready for the party. The room
__________, the furniture __________. There __________
bottles of wine and food on the table. A jazz record
__________ and the atmosphere was just right.

a) is – is clean – is moved – are – is playing
b) was – had been cleaned – had been moved – were – was
c) had been – had been cleaned – had been moved – were –
had been played
d) was – had cleaned – had moved – was – had played
e) were – was cleaned – was moved – were – was playing

084 | EEAR 2007
What’s the active voice for "The first roller skates were
made in 1760 by Joseph Merlim"?

Joseph Merlim __________ the first skates in 1760.

a) made
b) makes
c) has made
d) was making

085 | EFOMM 2005
So far the President __________.

a) has not been elected
b) will never be elected
c) would be elected soon
d) had been elected
e) would have been elected

086 | EFOMM 2006
In: "The invention of the automobile has changed American
life in several ways", the passive voice is:

a) “American life is being changed in several ways”.
b) “American life was being changed in several ways”.
c) “American life is changed in several ways”.
d) “American life has been changed in several ways”.
e) “American life would be changed in several ways”.

087 | EFOMM 2007
In: "This expedition will use a special Russian-owned ship",
the passive voice is:

a) A special Russian-owned ship will use by this expedition.
b) A special Russian-owned ship would use by this
c) A special Russian-owned ship will be used by this
d) A special Russian-owned ship would be used by this
e) A special Russian-owned ship would used by this

088 | EFOMM 2008
The problem __________ discussed by the board of
directors when it was proposed again by the supervisors.

a) had already
b) is already
c) had already been
d) has already
e) has already been

089 | UFRRJ 2003
The sentence "Scientists think they have found what causes
people to sneeze" is equivalent to:

a) what causes people to sneeze is founded by scientists.
b) what causes people to sneeze were found by scientists.
c) what causes people to sneeze has been found by
d) what causes people to sneeze was found by scientists.
e) what are the causes of sneezing by people.

090 | FEI 1996
I don't think the windows need cleaning. They don't need:

a) to clean.
b) to be clean.
c) to be cleaning.
d) to be cleaned.
e) to cleaning.

091 | UNESP 2006
Indique a alternativa que expressa o mesmo significado de:

It seems that some theories can't explain the origins of

a) It seems that the origins of terrorism weren't explained by
all theories.
b) It seems that the origins of terrorism shouldn't be
explained by theories.
c) It seems that all theories might be explained by the origins
of terrorism.
d) It seems that the origins of terrorism are explained by all
e) It seems that the origins of terrorism can't be explained by
some theories.

092 | FASM 2000
Critics call the data misleading in the Passive Voice is:

a) Misleading is called data by critics.
b) Data is called misleading by critics.
c) Data misleading is called by critics.
d) Data are called misleading by critics.
e) Critics are called misleading by data.

093 | JFS 1999
Mark the correct Passive Voice of the following sentence:

The helicopter is dropping the food supplies.

a) The food supplies is being dropped by the helicopter.
b) The food supplies are been dropped by the helicopter.
c) The food supplies are being dropped by the helicopter.
d) The food supplies are being droped by the helicopter.
e) The food supplies have been being dropped by the

094 | EFOMM 1997
Somebody opened the door.

a) The door was opened.
b) The door opens.
c) The door is open.
d) The door open.
e) The open door.

095 | EFOMM 2000
"She had been told about the meeting", the active voice is:

a) Nobody told her about the meeting.
b) Somebody had told her about the meeting.
c) Everybody would tell her about the meeting.
d) She had told somebody about the meeting.
e) The meeting was told about her.

096 | FUVEST 1979
Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à frase:

Preciso mandar fazer um terno para o casamento.

a) I must have a suit made for the wedding.
b) I have to have a suit done for the wedding.
c) I have to tell to do a suit for the marriage.
d) I need to order to make a suit for the wedding.
e) I must send to do a suit for the marriage.

097 | MACKENZIE 1996
Choose the correct alternative to complete the following

Since I haven't got __________, I will __________.

a) enough time – have the cake made
b) time enough – get someone to make the cake
c) enough time – bake the cake myself
d) any time – make the cake
e) time enough – ask somebody to bake the cake

098 | PUCCAMP 1994
Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche
corretamente as lacunas da frase apresentada:

"Hi, Jane!"
"Hi, Susan. How have you been?"
"Oh, just fine. What have you done? You look so different!"
"Me? Different? I don't know."
"Maybe it's your hair."
"Oh, that maybe __________."
"It looks quite nice."
"Thank you. Well, I've got to go. See you around."
"See you. Bye."

a) I'm cutting my hair
b) I just cut your hair
c) I'm going to have a haircut
d) You had a haircut
e) I just had my hair cut

099 | JFS 2008
Read the following dialogue:

"This floor is very dirty, Ferdinand. It needs sweeping."
"Yes, sir. Don’t worry. I will tell someone to do it at once."

– The underlined sentence is equivalent in meaning to:

a) I will clean it by myself.
b) someone should have cleaned.
c) I will have it done.
d) you should clean it.
e) I will get him to do it.

100 | JFS 2008
Fill in the blanks correctly:

I. Paulson and Patrick __________ hurt during the game
II. Chris __________ a terrific necklace during her birthday
party last weekend.
III. Do you think I look prettier? I have had my nose
IV. It __________ said that the price of oil will go again.
V. Will the meeting __________ at noon or after the coffee

– Now, mark the correct sequence:

a) were got – was given – straightened – has been – be
b) got – was given – straighten – had been – have been
c) have got – were given – straightened – is – can be realized
d) got – was given – straightened – is – be realized
e) gotten – were given – straighten – was – be realized

101 | EFOMM 2013
We can’t go along here because the road is __________.

a) been repaired
b) being repaired
c) repair
d) repaired
e) be repair

102 | IME 2013
Tomorrow I’m going to __________ at the hairdresser’s.

a) have cut my hair
b) have cutting my hair
c) cutting my hair
d) have my hair cut
e) my haircut

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act,
but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”
Anatole France

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