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[Grammar] Verbos frasais com Do, Go, Come, Get e Take

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[Grammar] Verbos frasais com Do, Go, Come, Get e Take Empty [Grammar] Verbos frasais com Do, Go, Come, Get e Take

Mensagem por Pedro em Dom 29 Jun 2014, 3:10 pm

Com DO:

do up- make something look good. Melissa did up her makeup before she went to the dance.

do (something) over- do again. You didn't get a good grade on the homework assignment. You need to do it over.

do (someone) in- kill someone (real or imaginary). The robbers tried to steal my money and then do me in.

do (someone) good- be good for someone. I know you don't want to learn Latin, but it will do you good in the future.

do without (something)- live without something. We didn't bring enough money to the store so we are going to have to do without the snacks.

do away with- stop having something. The school is going to do away with uniforms. Nobody likes them.

do well for (oneself)- become successful. Danny has really done well for himself. He owns 5 restaurants.

Com GO:

go off- to make a loud noise or to explode. My alarm clock went off at 7:00 a.m.

go over- to review. You should go over your homework before you give it to the teacher. Make sure there are no mistakes.

go on- to happen. What is going on in China right now?

go with- to match, to be similar to. My shirt and pants are both blue. They go with each other.

go out- (1) to stop working (machines or electrical things). The electricity went out last night. I couldn't see anything.

go out- (2) to be a part of a social activity. Every weekend I go out with my friends.

go along with- to agree with or follow. Tommy usually goes along with what I say. He trusts me.

go by- to pass. Three hours went by. Or I will go by that old house.

Com GET:

get out- leave or move. I don't want you here. Get out of my way!

get over (something)- stop thinking about something. I can't get over how hard that test was.

get away with (something)- do something wrong without punishment. The bank robbers got away with robbing the bank. The police never found them.

get on with (something)- continue with something. Listen everyone, it's time to stop talking and get on with our class.

get around- way to go places. I get around by bicycle, but my brother gets around on foot.

get around to (something)- finally do something. I finally got around to doing my homework. I didn't do it for several days.

get along with- be friendly with. My neighbor and I get along very well. We talk everyday.

get by- have enough to survive. I have enough money to get by until next week.

get down to- become serious about. Dinner is finished and now it's time to get down to business.


come out- to appear, to be seen. The newspaper comes out every Monday through Friday. or The moon came out last night.

come around- to change one's mind, to change one's opinion, agree. My son doesn't want to study in New Zealand, but I think he will come around to the idea if he thinks about it for a while.

come down on- to scold or punish. Our boss really came down on us after we made that mistake.

come up with- to produce or supply. I didn't think Joe had any money but suddenly he came up with enough to buy a car.

come to (someone)- remember or recall. I didn't remember who who she was and suddenly it came to me. We went to high school together.

come about- to happen. You became the mayor of your city? Wow! How did that come about?

come across- to find. Last night I came across my old photographs. I haven't seen them in years.

come down with- to become sick. Oh that new disease is terrible. I hope I don't come down with it.


Take out - to remove OR to escort (go on a date.) Examples- Please go outside and take out this garbage. It smells bad. And I want to take out Mindy on a date.

Take over - become the boss of, control. Example- When a teacher is sick, another teacher will take over the class.

Take off -remove the clothes or shoes from your body OR when an airplane goes up in the air. Examples- I need to take off my wet socks. And What time does this airplane take off?

Take away - subtract, remove, or carry something away. Example- Could you take away this old sofa? I don't want it anymore.

Take after -look like someone. Example- You take after your father. You both have the same shaped nose.


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