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Auxiliares modais - parte 4

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Auxiliares modais - parte 4 Empty Auxiliares modais - parte 4

Mensagem por Pedro em Sab 14 Jun 2014, 9:45 pm

061 | PUCRIO 2006
The only option in which the detached expression transmits
an idea of obligation/necessity is:

a) An email distribution list on Star Trek MAY HAVE close to
one hundred members.
b) The communication which takes place there COULD BE
either one-way or merely informational.
c) Users MUST BE invited to join the community by someone
already there.
d) Similar to Friendster, Orkut goes a step further BY
PERMITTING 'communities of users'.
e) InCircle WAS INTENDED for use by former university

062 | PUCRIO 2007
In "This study appears to show us that the use of energy
drinks might predispose people to abuse alcohol", might can
be correctly substituted by:

a) must.
b) shall.
c) had to.
d) could.
e) ought to.

063 | PUCRIO 2007
In "It could be a plane crashing into the World Trade
Center", could can be correctly substituted by:

a) might.
b) must.
c) had to.
d) shall.
e) ought to.

064 | PUCRS 2008
The clause "we are now able to fly" can be substituted,
without a change in meaning, by "we __________ fly now".

a) are going to
b) ought to
c) should
d) could
e) can

065 | UNIRIO 1998
When your emotions are riding high, "the ever-changing
clouds and colors of the sky are a reassuring reminder that
your own state of mind is temporary. It's a relief to
remember that, This too shall pass.

– The word SHALL in "This too shall pass" conveys the
meaning of:

a) certainty.
b) likelihood.
c) possibility.
d) suggestion.
e) expectation.

066 | EFOMM 2008
The invention of the elevator by Elinsha Gray transformed
architecture. If Elinsha hadn’t invented the elevator,
skyscrapers __________ have been built.

a) mustn’t
b) might
c) should
d) can
e) wouldn’t

067 | EFOMM 2008
- “How come Bob argued with the waiter?”
- “The food __________ awful.”

a) had better be
b) should have been
c) can be
d) must have been
e) ought to be

068 | PUCRIO 2008
Mark the only alternative that contains a correct
correspondence between the verb form in capital letters and
its meaning:

a) Today the world faces what MIGHT be called a 'clash of
emotions' as well. – Obligation
b) There are some areas that SEEM to display all of them
simultaneously. – Necessity
c) The first priority for the West SHOULD be to recognize the
nature of the threat. – Advice
d) It is a war nonetheless and one that the West CAN lose. –
e) But it MUST find a solution to the Palestinian problem
first. – Ability

069 | JFS 2007
In the sentences below:

* I might come and visit you in America next year, if I can
save enough money.
* We oughtn't to have agreed without knowing what it
would cost.
* When you got lost in the forest you must have been very

– The Modals MIGHT, OUGHT and MUST express,

a) possibility, advice and obligation
b) possibility, prohibition and probability
c) possibility, advice and probability.
d) capacity, advice and probability
e) capacity, prohibition and advice

070 | JFS 2007
Fill in the following sentence correctly:

In my opinion, Marla __________ study harder. She
__________ be approved, but she __________ improve.

a) can – could – ought
b) should – can – must
c) ought to – should – can
d) should – must – cannot
e) ought – can – must

071 | UFPE 1998 – ADAPTED
"Must" in the sentence "Why the monarchy must stay" is
equivalent to:

(0) could
(1) ought to
(2) is obliged to
(3) should
(4) has to

– The correct sequence is:

a) F V V V V
b) F V F V V
c) F V V V F
d) V F V V V
e) V V V F V

072 | UFPE 1998 – ADAPTED
"MAY" in "Blacks with different tribal tongues MAY have
been forced to create this common black vernacular,"

(0) possibility.
(1) probability.
(2) certainty.
(3) obligation.
(4) permission.

– The correct sequence is:

a) V V F F V
b) V V F V F
c) V F F V F
d) V V F F F
e) F V V F F

073 | EFOMM 2010
"People must be aware of the consequences of their actions.
One can do whatever he pleases as long as he doesn't do
harm to others. This may not be followed by many people,
but it certainly should. If a person has many friends, he must
know this already."

– The underlined modal verbs express:

a) advice / permission / permission / advice / obligation
b) advice / ability / permission / ability / obligation
c) obligation / permission / possibility / advice / deduction
d) obligation / ability / possibility / obligation / deduction
e) deduction / ability / permission / obligation / obligation

074 | AFA 2005
Auxiliares modais - parte 4 Img
“I don’t care what planet you’re from, you can’t run around
Earth stark naked!”

– Which sentence has the same idea as the modal can’t in
the sentence above?

a) You don’t have to run around Earth…
b) You needn’t run around Earth…
c) You mustn’t run around Earth…
d) You aren’t able to run around Earth…

075 | JFS 2012
Match the following sentences with the best meaning
expressed by the modal verb in each of them.

I. She can speak four languages.
II. I wonder if I might have a quick look at your newspaper.
III. You should not talk to your brother this way.
IV. Luggage must not be left unattended.

a) ability / possibility / advice / prohibition
b) capacity / possibility / suggestion / obligation
c) ability / permission / advice / probability
d) capacity / permission / suggestion / necessity
e) ability / permission / advice / prohibition

076 | EFOMM 2013
I’ve lost the key. I ought __________ it in a safe place.

a) that I put
b) to be putting
c) to have put
d) to put
e) put

“So high as a tree aspires to grow,
so high will it find an atmosphere suited to it.”
Henry Thoreau

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