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Auxiliares modais - parte 1

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Auxiliares modais - parte 1 Empty Auxiliares modais - parte 1

Mensagem por Pedro em Sab 14 Jun 2014, 9:34 pm

001 | UNESP 1992
Assinale a pergunta correta para a resposta apresentada:

Take the second on the left and then ask again.

a) Can you give me an information?
b) Excuse me. Where the Town Hall is?
c) Excuse me. Can you tell me where the Town Hall is?
d) Could you tell me where does the Town Hall is?
e) Do you know when is the Town Hall?

Shopaholics could be sexually frustrated, might suffer from
lack of self-esteem, or they may just have a neurotic reaction
to television commercials and glossy advertisements.

– The modals COULD, MIGHT and MAY appear in the text to
express the idea of:

a) permission.
b) possibility.
c) intention.
d) prohibition.
e) ability.

003 | UNIRIO 1995 – ADAPTED
Research shows that sunscreens may not be as effective as
hoped at preventing sunburn. Users may be spending long
hours in the sun with a false sense of security.

– The word MAY expresses the idea of:

a) permission.
b) possibility.
c) prohibition.
d) obligation.
e) expectation.

004 | FUVEST 1977
Qual destas expressões corresponde a "ele não deveria ter
feito isso"?

a) He mustn't have made it;
b) He shouldn't have done that;
c) He could not have made it;
d) He might not have done that;
e) He cannot have done that.

005 | FUVEST 1977
Qual a forma correta?

a) the mail must go on whether there are a hundred storms;
b) the mail can go on whether there are a hundred storms;
c) the mail should go on when there are a hundred storms;
d) the mail must go on if there are a hundred storms;
e) the mail is going on if there are a hundred storms.

006 | FUVEST 1979
He __________ avoid __________ mistakes.

a) ought – making
b) must – make
c) shall – make
d) needs – make
e) should – making

007 | FGV 1995 – ADAPTED
__________ we conclude, in line with the opinions of some
scholars, that black Nigerians are genetically more intelligent
than Europeans?

– Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche
corretamente a lacuna do texto:

a) Have
b) Are
c) Can
d) Is
e) Had

008 | PUCCAMP 1992
Janet: Look, our boat is sinking!
Peter: Oh, dear! Can you swim?
Janet: Yes, but we won't have to, there's a life boat on

– In the above dialogue, the verbs CAN and HAVE TO express
respectively __________ and __________.

a) ability – obligation
b) permission – prohibition
c) possibility – prohibition
d) permission – possibility
e) ability – necessity

009 | UEL 1994
Assinale a alternativa correta:

We __________ hurry. The bus leaves in 10 minutes.

a) can
b) must
c) do
d) did
e) would

010 | UEL 1994
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna
da frase a seguir:

- "Excuse me, sir. __________ you tell me the time?"
- "Sure, it's 5:20."

a) May
b) Do
c) Can
d) Have
e) Shall

011 | UEL 1996
Assinale a tradução correta da frase entre aspas apresentada
no diálogo a seguir:

- "Can you tell me how to get there?"
- Of course I can.

a) Você pode me dizer como se consegue isso lá?
b) Quem pode me contar como se faz isso?
c) Você pode me ensinar o caminho?
d) Como se pode ir de lá para cá?
e) Você consegue atravessar para o outro lado?

012 | UEL 1996
Assinale a versão correta da frase entre aspas:

"Não posso comprar um carro novo."

a) I shouldn't be thinking of a new car.
b) I can't afford a new car.
c) I can't buy anything new.
d) If it is new, I don't want it.
e) Who needs a new car anyway?

013 | UEL 1996 – ADAPTED
Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche
corretamente a lacuna da frase apresentada:

Bob, __________ you do me a real favor?

a) may
b) could
c) must
d) ought
e) should

014 | UNESP 1984
This place is not good. __________ we go elsewhere?

a) Will
b) Will not
c) Ought
d) Shall
e) Let's

015 | UNESP 1989
Assinale a alternativa correta:

Doctors and dentists should always __________ with their

a) continued
b) continue
c) continuing
d) will continued
e) have continue

016 | UNESP 1996
Assinale a alternativa correta:

Could I __________ earlier tomorrow?

a) to leave
b) leave
c) leaves
d) left
e) leaving

017 | UNIRIO 1996
The word CAN in "Loneliness itself is hard to define. People
aren't always lonely when they're alone, but they CAN feel
lonely when surrounded by other people" expresses:

a) obligation.
b) necessity.
c) permission.
d) possibility.
e) intention.

018 | UECE 1997 – ADAPTED
I should get my hair cut.

– 'Should' means:

a) would.
b) had to.
c) ought to.
d) might.

019 | FAAP 1997
Assinale a alternativa correta:

- "Do I have to do it again?"
- "Yes, you __________."

a) had
b) would
c) must
d) did
e) were

020 | FAAP 1997
Assinale a alternativa correta:

I'm sorry the train was late and I __________ arrive earlier.

a) couldn't
b) ought not
c) don't
d) mustn't
e) wouldn't

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