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Verbos - parte 5

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Verbos - parte 5 Empty Verbos - parte 5

Mensagem por Pedro em Sab 14 Jun 2014, 4:51 pm

149 | UNITAU 1995
Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à denominação do
tempo verbal da frase a seguir:

I have been looking for a tree.

a) Gerund.
b) Simple Present.
c) Present Perfect.
d) Present Continuous.
e) Present Perfect Continuous

150 | UNITAU 1995
Assinale a alternativa na qual se incluem a forma do futuro
simples e a forma do presente perfeito contínuo da sentença
a seguir:

Two teams of 11 players attempt to guide an inflated ball
into goal cages.

a) Two teams of 11 players will attempt to guide an inflated
ball into goal cages./ Two teams of 11 players have been
attempting to guide an inflated ball into goal cages.
b) Two teams of 11 players would attempt to guide an
inflated ball into goal cages./ Two teams of 11 players has
been attempting to guide an inflated ball into goal cages.
c) Two teams of 11 players attempted to guide an inflated
ball into goal cages./ Two teams of 11 players are
attempting to guide an inflated ball into goal cages.
d) Two teams of 11 players may attempt to guide an inflated
ball into goal cages./ Two teams of 11 players will be
attempting to guide an inflated ball into goal cages.
e) Two teams of 11 players do attempt guiding an inflated
ball into goal cages./ Two teams of 11 players will has
attempted to guide an inflated ball into goal cages.

151 | FUVEST 1978
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna:

I __________ the book for a couple of hours now.

a) had read
b) am read
c) had been read
d) having read
e) have been reading

152 | FUVEST 1996 – ADAPTED
As military spending has fallen, Brazil's arms makers

a) have been struggling
b) would be struggling
c) had been struggling
d) has struggled
e) were struggling

153 | UDESC 1996
Mark the sentence that is written in CORRECT English:

a) I teach English since five years ago.
b) I'm teaching English for many years.
c) I've taught English since some years.
d) I had taught English since some years.
e) I have been teaching English for five years.

154 | UDESC 1996
Find the CORRECT alternative to complete the following

- "You look tired."
- "Yes, I __________ non-stop all day."

a) am working
b) have been working
c) work
d) will work
e) will have worked

155 | UDESC 1997
Find the CORRECT answer:

He __________ letters since lunch.

a) is writing
b) have been writing
c) have written
d) writes
e) has been writing

156 | UFPE 1995 – ADAPTED
As Brazil __________ economic and social upheaval, many
Brazilians dream of moving to foreign parts to try out a new

– Select the correct choice to fill in the blank space of the
sentence above:

a) had gone through
b) has been going through
c) will go through
d) is going through
e) could go through

157 | UFPEL 2006
For the past three years, she says, she has been submitting
essays bought and copied from the internet and passing
them off as her own. She is currently working on her final-
year project and most of the materials in the dissertation are
coming off the net. Anna (not her real name) says she cheats
because it is easy to get away with it.

Pode-se observar, no texto acima, a ocorrência de três
tempos verbais distintos na língua inglesa. As afirmativas a
seguir contêm idéias relativas a cada um desses tempos:

I. Algo que Anna faz com regularidade.
II. Algo que Anna tem feito há algum tempo.
III. Algo que Anna está fazendo no momento.

– Com base nas asserções, assinale a alternativa que
apresenta a idéia contida em cada um desses tempos
verbais, segundo a ordem em que aparecem nos referidos

a) II, I e III.
b) III, I e II.
c) III, II e I.
d) I, II e III.
e) II, III e I.

158 | JFS 2008
I __________ hard for 10 years before I __________ that

a) have been working – gotten
b) have been working – get
c) had been working – got
d) had been working – gotten
e) had been working – get

159 | FUVEST 1977
Qual dessas sentenças está correta?

a) News have to be sent by telegraph.
b) News has to be sent by telegraph.
c) News are sent through telegraph.
d) News had to be sent with telegraph.
e) News is to be sent with telegraph.

160 | FATEC 1998
Em "THAT'S the buzz about creatine, a muscle-building
supplement THAT'S become as common as sweaty towels in
gyms across the country", a contração THAT'S corresponde
respectivamente a:

a) that is – that is
b) that has – that is
c) that is – that has
d) that has – that has
e) that has – that was

161 | UEL 2000 – ADAPTED
Addicted to portable electronics but hate adding to the 60
billion or so alkaline batteries that get thrown away every

– A sentença acima é uma pergunta redigida de forma
coloquial. A forma gramaticalmente correta do verbo seria:

a) Were you addicted...
b) Are you addicted...
c) Do you addict...
d) Did you addict...
e) Are you addicting...

162 | UEL 2000 – ADAPTED
When the stuff finally __________ get discarded, it breaks
down into harmless rust.

– A lacuna do texto deve ser preenchida com uma forma que
dê ênfase ao verbo. Essa forma pode ser:

a) sure
b) too
c) is
d) do
e) does

163 | PUCPR 2004
If the sentence "Ain't that sweet!" were to be changed from
colloquial speech into more formal language, it would be:

a) Aren't those sweets!
b) Wasn't that sweet!
c) Isn't that sweet!
d) Is that as sweet!
e) Was that sweet!

164 | PUCPR 1998
Choose the CORRECT option that completes the phrases

I. I'd rather you __________ in the car.
II. This wouldn't have happened it you __________ been
more careful.
III. When he was a boy he __________ be thin.
IV. No sooner __________ arrived it started to rain.
V. He cannot leave the hospital until his cut has __________.

a) wouldn't smoke – had – would – they had – cured
b) not to smoke – should have – was used to – did they –
c) no smoking – have – used to – they had – been cured
d) didn't smoke – had – used to – had they – cured
e) don't smoke – would have – got used to – they were –

165 | UFG 2006
Verbos - parte 5 Img
– É exemplo de agramaticalidade característica da linguagem

a) "You know what I wonder?"
b) "Sometimes I wonder..."
c) " ... pleased with me."
d) "Do you ever wonder...?"
e) "He just has to be!"

166 | EFOMM 2006
Lucy: “- Has Betty finished writing that letter?”
Tom: “- No, and she __________ three hours ago”.

a) should had finished
b) should have finished
c) should to finished
d) should finished
e) should finish

167 | JFS 2008
I __________ the job, but I __________ too tired.

a) should have finished – were
b) could have finished – was not
c) cannot have finished – am
d) would have finished – was

168 | UNESP 1992
Escolha a alternativa que responde corretamente às
perguntas apresentadas:

What happened to the bridge?

a) Oh! We should have blew up it!
b) Oh! We should blown it up!
c) Oh! We should to have blown up it!
d) Oh! We should have blown it up!
e) Oh! We should had blown up it!

169 | CESGRANRIO 1994
Choose the alternative which completes the following
sentences with the adequate verb forms:

I. The first translation program for computers __________
invented in the late forties. (BE)
II. Scientists __________ research on machine translation
since the 50's. (DEVELOP)
III. Most contemporary translators nowadays __________
computers to perform their task. (USE)

a) (I) had been – (II) have developed – (III) will use
b) (I) was – (II) have been developing – (III) use
c) (I) to be – (II) are developing – (III) are using
d) (I) has been – (II) develop – (III) will be using
e) (I) would have been – (II) developed – (III) have been using

170 | PUCPR 1996
Lucy: How is your hotel?
Sally: Great! It's the best hotel I __________ in.
Lucy: Is Ben __________ the holiday?
Sally: Ben is really __________. You know, the last time we
__________ to London was 10 years ago and the city
__________ a lot since then.

– Choose the best option to complete the conversation:

a) stayed – enjoying – pleasing – have come – have changed
b) stay – enjoyed – pleased – come – changed
c) ever stayed – enjoying – pleased – have come – have
d) have ever stay – enjoying – pleased – came – changed
e) have ever stayed – enjoying – pleased – came – has

171 | JFS 2008
Fill in the gaps correctly:

Coldplay __________ a rock band formed in London,
England in 1997. Coldplay __________ 33.9 million albums,
and __________ also known for their hit singles, such as
"Yellow", "The Scientist", "Speed of Sound", "Fix You", "Viva
la Vida" and the Grammy Award-winning "Clocks". Coldplay
__________ worldwide fame with the release of their single
"Yellow", followed by their debut album, Parachutes (2000),
which __________ nominated for the Mercury Prize.

From Wikipedia

a) are – have sold – are – achieved – was
a) are – has sold – is – achieved – was
a) are – have sold – is – achieves – was
a) is – has sold – are – achieved – were
a) is – have sold – are – achieves – were

172 | AFA 1999
Complete the text:

City residents tired of noisy car alarms that go off at all hours
of the night __________ this: an auto-security system that
uses smoke, not noise. Called the Dragon Vehicle Defense
Machine, it __________ robbery by filling the car with a
cloud of smoke so dense that the thief can’t see. It
__________ at car stores in June. Cost 35 dollars.

a) love – will prevent – is
b) will love – prevents – will be
c) won’t love – is preventing – won’t be
d) loving – is going to prevent – is being

173 | AFA 2008

Lovers' Moon

The fabled Lovers' Moon
illuminates the night.
Shining upon a couple with its magic light.
They treasure just one thought
two hearts so crystal clear.
To hold in their arms one that is so dear.
One that makes life worth living just by __________ near.

They promise that forever
together they __________ as they bathe
in the magic that others do not see.
So if you feel that you __________ lonely
and hope to find love soon.
Look toward the heavens and make
a wish on the Lovers' Moon.

From the Internet, Quacmoto 1/4/00

– Complete the brackets with the right tense of the verb to
be and mark the correct alternative:

a) being – will be – are
b) to be – to be – ‘re going to be
c) been – are – will be
d) been – are going to be – are

174 | UFF 2000
"Even had we known from the beginning he was suffering
from yellow fever it would not have changed the

– The verb phrases in bold indicate that the change in

a) will happen in future.
b) may happen in future.
c) could have happened but didn't.
d) can happen but will not any way.
e) might still happen.

175 | ITA 2005
Verbos - parte 5 Img
(Time, May 12, 2003)

Considere as seguintes asserções:

* Em "We're" e "they'd", "'re" e "'d" são, respectivamente,
contrações de flexões verbais dos verbos I e II.
* Uma outra forma de expressar a oração "If we told you
everything, they'd have to kill us." é III.

– A opção que melhor preenche as lacunas I, II e III é:

a) I. are; II. would; III. They'd kill us, unless we told you
b) I. are; II. had; III. They had to kill us, unless we told you
c) I. were; II. would; III. Unless we told you everything, they
would have to kill us.
d) I. were; II. could; III. Unless we told you everything, they
could kill us.
e) I. are; II. would; III. They wouldn't have to kill us, unless
we told you everything.

176 | IME/CG 2011 – ADAPTED
By 1996, significant components of the aircraft’s defensive
managing system, just one small part of its electronics,
__________ obsolete.

a) will be
b) is
c) are
d) were
e) was

177 | JFS 2007
Fill in the text below with the following instructions:

During the same 24 hours that BenQ __________ (I)
it quits on the digital camera market, Kodak __________
reportedly __________ (II) similar thoughts when eying its
low-end camera lineup. According to CNET, Kodak President
Antonio Perez shared that the firm would be "abandoning
the low-end of the digital camera business" at the JPMorgan
Technology Conference in Boston. He also added that while
the company "__________ (III) much money" in that
segment, it __________ (IV) its own five-megapixel CMOS
sensor to be used in a (presumably mid-range) Kodak-
branded digicam. More interesting, however, was the
addition that this very sensor __________ also __________
(V) its way into "several Motorola cell phones by the end of
the year." (…)

Adapted from

I. The Simple Past Tense of To Call
II. The Present Perfect Tense of To Have
III. The Past Progressive Tense of To Make
IV. The Past Progressive Tense of To Develop
V. The Simple Conditional Tense of To Make

– The correct sequence is:

a) called – has ... had – weren't making – were developing –
would ... make
b) called – has ... had – wasn't making – was developing –
would ... make
c) called – has ... have – wasn't made – was developing –
would ... make
d) had called – has ... had – wasn't making – had been
developing – would ... make
e) had called – has ... had – wasn't making – was developing
– would ... made

178 | CESGRANRIO 1992
Check the alternative which contains the correct verb forms
to complete the sentences below:

1. My neighbor __________ sleeping pills since he lost his
job. (TAKE)
2. Someone who __________ from insomnia finds it difficult
to sleep. (SUFFER)
3. John __________ to see a specialist in sleeplessness three
weeks ago. (GO)
4. As I entered the drugstore, I saw someone that I
__________ 6 years earlier. (MEET)

a) has been taking – suffers – went – met
b) took – has been suffering – has gone – did meet
c) has taken – has suffered – went – have met
d) had taken – had suffered – had gone – met
e) has taken – suffers – went – had met

179 | EFOMM 2012
Choose the correct option to complete the sentences:

1. Where have you been? I __________ for you for two
2. Their bus __________ at 3:00 p.m.
3. Tim __________ to the beach, when he heard the
weather forecast and changed his mind.
4. Research _________ that excessive use of cell phones
may cause headaches.
5. When the police arrived, the thieves _________.

a) have been looking / has arrived / drove / showed / had
run away
b) am looking / has arrived / was driving / has shown / has
run away
c) have been looking / has arrived / drove / has shown / ran
d) have been looking / arrives / was driving / has shown /
had run away
e) am looking / arrives / was driving / showed / ran away

180 | PUCPR 2000
Mark the correct option:

Language is the most important development in human
history. The arts, sciences, laws, economic systems, and
religions of the world __________ not exist without
language. Humans __________ biologically for some 40
thousand years. However, our ability to communicate
__________ us from the cave all the way to the moon.
Little __________ about the birth of language. Written
records that are more than 4 thousand years old
__________, but anthropologists agree that humans
__________ thousands of years before that.

a) could – have not changed – has led – has known – are
being found – have been speaking.
b) could – have not changed – will lead – known – is being
found – have spoken.
c) could – have not changed – has led – is known – have
been found – were speaking.
d) can – will – will lead – is known – have found – were
e) should – have not changed – have led – is known – were
found – have been speaking

181 | EFOMM 2013
When Martin __________ the car, he took it out for a drive.

a) were washing
b) had washed
c) has washed
d) washed
e) was washing

182 | EFOMM 2013
Janet was out of breath because __________.

a) she does run
b) she didn’t run
c) she’s been running
d) she’s run
e) she’d been running

183 | EFOMM 2013
There was no one else at the box office. I __________ in a
a) needn’t wait
b) mustn’t wait
c) needn’t have waited
d) didn’t need to wait
e) must wait

184 | IME 2013
Not alone __________ the race, but she also beat the

a) she wins
b) she will win
c) she would win
d) did she win
e) she won

“I believe that if one always looked at the sky,
one would end up with wings.”
Gustave Flaubert

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