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Verbos - parte 4

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Verbos - parte 4 Empty Verbos - parte 4

Mensagem por Pedro em Sab 14 Jun 2014, 4:46 pm

113 | FGV 1995 – ADAPTED
Brutal competition from the Third World and the Soviet
block has stalled the developed nations.

– No texto, a melhor tradução para HAS STALLED é:

a) tem incentivado.
b) aqueceu.
c) crescer.
d) tem assustado.
e) parou.

114 | PUCCAMP 1992
Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche
corretamente as lacunas da frase apresentada:

Sandy: Hi, Jack.
Jack: Hi, Sandy.
Sandy: Gosh! I __________ you for ages!
Jack: That's true. I __________ from a trip to Japan just

a) saw – am returning
b) saw – returned
c) have seen – have returned
d) haven't seen – returned
e) haven't seen – have returned

115 | ITA 2003 – ADAPTED
If all my relatives suddenly died and all my friendships dried
up and all of my subscriptions were cancelled and all of my
bills were paid, I __________ (I) guaranteed mail – two
pieces a week, by my estimation – for the credit card
companies __________ (II) me.

– Assinale a opção que poderia preencher respectiva e
corretamente as lacunas I e II do texto apresentado:

a) would still be – would still want
b) will still be – will still want
c) would still have been – would still have wanted
d) still am – still want
e) may still be – may still want

116 | UNESP 1984
Assinale a alternativa correta:

a) I live here since 1970.
b) I have lived here since 1970.
c) I am living here since 1970.
d) I will live here since 1970.
e) I would live here since 1970.

117 | UNESP 1985
We're still waiting for Bill. He __________ yet.

a) hasn't come
b) haven't come
c) didn't come
d) doesn't come
e) hadn't come

118 | CESGRANRIO 1993
In only a short time, the computer __________ the way in
which many jobs __________.

a) had changed – do
b) changed – have done
c) has changed – are done
d) are changing – were done
e) will change – have been doing

119 | UNIRIO 1996
A forma verbal has arrived em "Yes, the future has arrived: a
movie theater at home, thanks to laser" traduz-se por:

a) está chegando.
b) tem chegado.
c) chegará.
d) chegou.
e) chega.

120 | ITA 1998
A frase "I never came across such a set in all my life" foi
extraída de "Three Men in a Boat", escrito por Jerome K.
Jerome em 1889.

– No seu entender:

a) A frase não apresenta restrição gramatical.
b) "I have never come across..." teria sido uma melhor opção
c) "I have never came across..." teria sido uma melhor opção
d) "I never come across..." teria sido uma melhor opção
e) "I am never coming across..." teria sido uma melhor o
opção gramatical.

121 | UNESP 1998
Assinale a alternativa correta:

Have you __________ my Uncle Jack?

a) not meet
b) meets
c) meeting
d) met
e) meet

122 | UFRS 1997
Choose the best alternative to complete the sentence below

Mexico __________ many difficult crises in history, but now
it __________ its own future.

a) has faced – is shaping
b) faced – was shaped
c) have faced – shapes
d) have been facing – shaped
e) faces – has been shaped

123 | UFRS 1998
Complete a frase a seguir com a forma verbal mais
adequada para cada lacuna:

The kids __________ in love with the Tamagotchi when they
first __________ it, but they __________ with it lately.

a) fell – saw – have not played
b) fall – see – did not play
c) fell – see – did not play
d) have fallen – seen – do not play
e) fall – saw – have not played

124 | UFRN 1999 – ADAPTED
Since 1935 researchers have known that when laboratory
rats and mice are fed a very-low-calorie diet – 30 to 50
percent of £their normal intake – they live about 30 percent
longer than their well-fed confreres, as long as they get
sufficient nutrition.

– A locução verbal HAVE KNOWN indica uma noção de
temporalidade referente a:

a) dois momentos no passado.
b) passado e futuro.
c) passado, exclusivamente.
d) passado e presente.

125 | ITA 1999
"Since 1985 the Shop __________ a Company limited by
guarantee with charitable status; its aim is primarily to
relieve poverty in developing countries".

(Panfleto da loja ONE WORLD SHOP, em Edimburgo, Escócia)

– A alternativa que melhor preenche a lacuna do texto acima

a) is
b) was
c) had been
d) have been
e) has been

126 | ITA 2000 – ADAPTED
But what has been so frustrating about the market reactions
in recent months is that despite the surging economy,
inflation has not been rising. It has remained flat, at around
3 percent, and ¢ yet Wall Street, certain that the shadow it
sees is the ghost of higher inflation come to haunt the
trading floors, has been clamoring to the Federal Reserve for
higher rates.

The New York Times Magazine. May 22, 1994.

– O que determinou a utilização do Present Perfect Tense no
parágrafo acima foi:

a) o estilo do autor.
b) a referência a um tempo passado não explicitado no
c) a referência a acontecimentos e/ou sentimentos
desencadeados no passado e que continuam no presente.
d) a atribuição de maior ênfase ao que se pretende dizer.
e) a referência a sentimentos e/ou acontecimentos que
ocorrem no presente.

127 | MACKENZIE 2000
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following

__________ plan that was presented __________.

a) Not every – was suitable
b) Not all – had suited
c) Neither all – had suitability
d) Almost any – h as suited
e) Every – suitably

128 | UFSM 2001
Se o sujeito da oração "Machines HAVE already
CONVERGED" estivesse no singular e fosse mantido o tempo
do verbo, a forma verbal destacada:

a) ficaria inalterada.
b) seria trocada por "had converged".
c) se transformaria em "is being converged".
d) seria substituída por "has converged".
e) passaria para "is converging".

129 | UFV 2002
In the sentence "Fortunately, people HAVE INVENTED
countless ways of amusing themselves", the capital verb
tense is:

a) present perfect continuous.
b) present perfect simple.
c) simple present.
d) simple past.
e) past perfect.

130 | FATEC 2003
Assinale a alternativa que apresenta o uso correto do
Presente Perfeito do verbo "become", como em "Internet
cafes have become this generation's equivalent of the
telephone booth":

a) He has become a political leader in 1984.
b) She has become a U.S. citizen before she moved to
c) She has become a widow right after the war.
d) She has become his wife five years ago.
e) He has become ill.

131 | UFRRJ 2003
In the sentence, "I HAVE HAD leading positions in political
and public office FOR nearly 30 years", the words in capital
letters describe an action which:

a) was repeated in the past.
b) continues up to the present.
c) continues to the future.
d) goes to the past.
e) was completed in the past.

132 | UERJ 2004
In the sentences:

The large scale entrance of women into the professions
since the 1960s has posed many ideological and aesthetic

Many of the basic principles, associated with exclusively
male executive office subcultures, have endured.

– The temporal reference expressed by the verb forms has
posed and have endured is best analyzed as:

a) situations beginning at a prior point continuing into the
b) actions occurring at a specified prior time with current
c) actions completed in the past prior to other past points in
d) situations developed over a prior time period and now

133 | MACKENZIE 2005
The same verb tense used in "The jokes haven't stopped yet"
is appropriately used in:

a) The books have been read last week.
b) They've done that before.
c) The noise has stopped when I went to bed.
d) The film has started at 6:00 p.m. before long.
e) We've seen each other the night before.

134 | UFRS 2006
Consider the verb form in the sentence below:

Britain HAS INVESTED very little in Chinese studies.

– The same verb form is used correctly in the sentence

a) I haven't met my Chinese friends since July.
b) The children have read a Chinese story yesterday.
c) Have you learned Mandarin when you were in school?
d) They have seen many Chinese films last year.
e) His parents have lived in China in the 1960's.

135 | PUCPR 2008
Find the correct use of the Present Perfect Tense:

1) I've answered all the questions.
2) He has stayed in that position for half an hour.
3) Jane's written a book.
4) The writer has written a new book last year.
5) Lice has been a problem to mankind for years.
6) Some thieves have robbed the bank a week ago.
7) My men has slept for five hours.

– Choose the right alternative:

a) 1 – 2 – 5 – 7
b) 1 – 2 – 4 – 5
c) 1 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7
d) 2 – 3 – 7
e) 1 – 2

136 | FATEC 2008
Assinale a alternativa que contém o uso correto do tempo
verbal Present Perfect", como no exemplo a seguir:

Evidence has begun to show that animals have personalities
after all.

a) Brazil has won the world cup in 2002.
b) When America was discovered, Indians have lived in the
land for a long time.
c) Her grandfather has won the lottery.
d) They have finished their assignment before the end of
e) The president has arrived from Europe the previous night.

137 | ITA 2008
Assinale a opção em que a contração dos verbos ('s) ou ('d)
está representada corretamente:

a) He's more useless than the gunman. – has
b) The car's only got a few minutes left on it. – is
c) I wish this bloke'd hurry up. – had
d) The car's not even worth it. – has
e) He's just turned twenty. – has

138 | UECE 2008
The sentences "Plato acknowledged the power of poetry",
"This is simply the accepted mode of referential writing",
"Traditionally, literary texts have been easy to identify" and
"In the 20th century, much attention has been given to the
language of literature" are respectively in the:

a) simple past, present perfect, present perfect and present
b) simple past, simple present, present perfect and present
c) simple past, simple present, past perfect and present
perfect continuous.
d) past perfect, simple present, present perfect and present
perfect continuous.

139 | EEAR 2008
Some men __________ no jobs lately.

a) haven’t found
b) have found
c) doesn’t find
d) has found

140 | EFOMM 2006
The paint is wet because he __________ the picture.

a) is just ending
b) just ended
c) have just ended
d) has just ending
e) has just ended

141 | EFOMM 2007
These machines have __________ idle since the factory

a) laid
b) lied
c) lay
d) to lay
e) lain

142 | ITA 1995
A alternativa que melhor preenche a lacuna na sentença
abaixo é:

You look as if you __________ a monster!!! Are you all right?

a) just saw
b) have just seen
c) have just been seeing
d) just see
e) are just seeing

143 | CESGRANRIO 1990
Mark the sentence which can be completed with the verb
between parentheses in the same verb tense as in
“Scientists have found that the laser beam can transmit
human voices”:

a) A century ago, scientists __________ not able to predict
the applications of the laser beam. (BE)
b) Doctors started to use the laser beam only after
communication experts __________ it. (USE)
c) Today laser researchers __________ the laser beam is
here to stay. (BELIEVE)
d) Scientists __________ the importance of the laser since it
was discovered. (REALIZE)
e) By the year 2000, scientists in various areas __________
the use of the laser beam. (EXTEND)

144 | EFOMM 1997
Which is the correct form?

a) Have ever you been in England?
b) Has you ever been in England?
c) Have you ever been to England?
d) Have you been ever in England?
e) Have you ever be to England?

145 | UEL 1995
He returned home after he __________ the office.

a) leaves
b) does leave
c) had left
d) will leave
e) didn't leave

146 | UFRS 2001
When earth __________ to be, the angels' war in heaven

a) came – had ended
b) comes – has ended
c) had come – ended
d) came – had been ending
e) comes – was ending

147 | UNESP 2008
The lady __________ that she __________ the PIN number
on the number of button presses required to access her
account balance.

a) wrote – has modeled
b) writes – would be modeling
c) was writing – modeled
d) wrote – has been modeling
e) wrote – had modeled

148 | JFS 2008
Jeffrey was proud of his son who __________ a prize at

a) win
b) won
c) have won
d) has won
e) had won

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