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Verbos - parte 3

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Verbos - parte 3 Empty Verbos - parte 3

Mensagem por Pedro em Sab 14 Jun 2014, 4:44 pm

077 | FATEC 2007
Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à forma afirmativa
do segmento "Engineers didn't think":

a) Engineers thought.
b) Engineers though.
c) Engineers through.
d) Engineers thru.
e) Engineers throw.

078 | UNESP 2008
Indique a alternativa que completa corretamente a sentença
a seguir:

The lady was sorry the Application __________ to eight
pages, but she __________ it to get the information she

a) runs – needs – wanted
b) runs – need – wanted
c) run – needs – wants
d) ran – needed – wanted
e) run – need – want

079 | EFOMM 2005
Susie was watching TV when her husband __________.

a) arrived
b) had arrived
c) was going to arrive
d) has arrived
e) would arrive

080 | EFOMM 2007
- ‘David, __________ Mr. Willcox and Mr. Alex __________
the P&O Shipping Company in 1837?’
- ‘That’s right. That was the first year.’

a) did – found
b) has – found
c) do – find
d) does – found
e) have – founded

081 | UNITAU 1995
Assinale a alternativa que corresponde ao verbo que tem
duas formas distintas para pessoas diferentes no passado

a) To have.
b) To do.
c) To go.
d) To become.
e) To be.

082 | FEI 1997
Preencha os espaços em branco com a forma verbal correta:

When she __________ I __________ to do my work.

a) has arrived – had tried
b) arrived – was trying
c) arrives – was trying
d) has arrived – has tried
e) arrived – try

083 | UEL 1996
Samuel Ryder __________ a friendly game between some
British professionals and the American players.

– Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche
corretamente a lacuna da frase apresentada:

a) is watching
b) watches
c) will watch
d) was watching
e) has watched

084 | UNESP 1989
Assinale a alternativa correta:

They __________ about art last night.

a) talks
b) talk
c) was talking
d) talking
e) were talking

085 | UNESP 1986
Assinale a alternativa correta:

When John came in __________ a book.

a) she was reading
b) Mary is reading
c) will read
d) should read
e) reads

086 | UECE 1998 – ADAPTED
She was beginning to recognize this thing that was
approaching to possess her, and she was striving to beat it
back with her will.

– Na sentença, emprega-se o tempo:

a) simple past.
b) past perfect.
c) past continuous.
d) present perfect.

087 | UDESC 2002
Find the correct answer:

I was watching television.

a) past continuous
b) conditional
c) simple past
d) present perfect continuous

088 | UNESP 1995
Assinale a alternativa que preenche a lacuna da frase a
seguir corretamente:

He will __________ almost everything you ask him.

a) do
b) to do
c) doing
d) does
e) did

089 | UNESP 1998
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna
da frase adiante:

I'll __________ soccer this afternoon.

a) playing
b) played
c) to play
d) play
e) plays

090 | UEL 1998 – ADAPTED
That's exactly what you __________ experience aboard the
high speed Eurostar passenger train.

– A lacuna do texto é corretamente preenchida pela

a) are
b) had
c) does
d) go
e) will

091 | MACKENZIE 2002
Indicate the alternative that best completes the following

Julia isn't going to London. __________ you going

a) Aren't – either
b) Aren't – too
c) Are – neither
d) Are – either
e) Are – too

092 | ITA 2002 – ADAPTED
Qual das expressões sublinhadas a seguir NÃO indica
expectativa/ação futura?

a) Democrats hope to capitalize on public disenchantment
with the Bush energy plan.
b) Who shall run the program – the Medicare system or
states and private insures?
c) A fast-track bill without provisions to protect the
environment or international labor standards will face
d) They expect a fight if Daschle concludes that the White
House is trying to pack the judiciary with conservative
e) They expect a fight if Daschle concludes that the White
House is trying to pack the judiciary with conservative

093 | FEI 2000
"I don't think". Coloque na forma positiva e no tempo

a) I do think.
b) I am thinking.
c) I think.
d) I won't think.
e) I'll think.

094 | PUCRIO 2000
In the sentence "For the first time in human history, early in
the next millennium, there will be more people living in
cities than on the rest of the planet", the future form is used
to express a prediction. In which of the alternatives below is
the future form used to express a similar idea?

a) Will someone help me with the luggage?
b) It will snow heavily in two days' time.
c) If it rains, the match will be cancelled.
d) Don't worry. I'll watch your dog carefully.
e) Waiter, I'll have some salad for lunch.

095 | UEL 2000 – ADAPTED
Na frase "You'll find some monster savings on books at", a forma verbal em YOU'LL indica:

a) hábito.
b) futuro.
c) necessidade.
d) permissão.
e) vontade.

096 | PUCPR 2006
I'm sorry, but I __________ able to meet you for lunch

a) haven't been
b) can't be
c) don't be
d) won't be
e) wasn't

097 | JFS 2000
You and I __________ together if we don’t want to fail at the
admission exam this year.

a) will to study
b) shall not to study
c) shall study
d) will not to study
e) won’t study

098 | UEL 1994
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna
da frase a seguir:

- “What __________ to do when you get to Rio?”
- “I don't know yet.”

a) are you going
b) were you
c) did you
d) do you
e) you go

099 | ESPCEX 99
Choose the correct alternative:

A: Brrr. Who turned up the air conditioner? It’s really cold in
here. My nose and my fingers are cold.
B: I __________ you a hot cup of tea.
A: Thanks. That sounds good.

a) will bring
b) won’t bring
c) will not break
d) will break
e) won’t break

100 | JFS 2008
Read the following sentence:

They're going to have a baby in the spring.

– It expresses something that:

a) is not probable to take place.
b) is not being planned or expected.
c) suddenly happens.
d) is certain or expected to happen.
e) will not happen without planning.

101 | UNESP 1993
Assinale a alternativa correta:

I did not think she __________ come.

a) was
b) were
c) would
d) don't
e) doesn't

102 | FEI 1995
Em "If there were no cracks glass would be stronger than
steel", a forma verbal "would be" significa:

a) será.
b) foi.
c) seria.
d) teria sido.
e) é.

103 | PUCPR 1996
If I won a lottery I __________ around the world.

a) travel
b) traveled
c) will travel
d) would travel
e) am traveling

104 | FUVEST 1997
Considere a imagem a seguir:
Verbos - parte 3 Img

– Qual seria o correspondente, no passado, de "if I ever
catch" and "I'll wash"?

a) If I ever were to catch – I'll wash
b) If I ever caught – I'd wash
c) If I ever would catch – I washed
d) If I ever caught – I'd have washed
e) If I had ever caught – I would wash

105 | UFSM 2003
If people were honest, they __________ buy fake products.

a) would
b) did
c) won't
d) wouldn't
e) don't

106 | UFRS 2005 – ADAPTED
In "If not for a girl named Kitty Wu, I probably would have
starved to death", the form would have starved indicates a:

a) habit long acquired.
b) condition in the future.
c) permission granted.
d) possibility in the past.
e) obligation in the present.

107 | UEL 1994
Life is so dull! I __________ anything interesting happen to
me in ages!

a) had
b) have not
c) have had
d) don't have
e) haven't had

108 | FUVEST 1977
Qual destas sentenças está correta?

a) I don't have never taken a course in Japanese.
b) I have never taken a course in Japanese.
c) I never didn't take a course in Japanese still.
d) I ever did not take a course in Japanese.
e) I took not a course in Japanese ever.

109 | FUVEST 1977
Indique a resposta certa para "Has he heard the news?"
utilizando "no":

a) No, I didn't.
b) No, I haven't heard the news.
c) No, he hasn't.
d) No, I haven't.
e) No, you haven't.

110 | FUVEST 1979
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacuna:

Have you __________ the correct alternative?

a) choose
b) chase
c) choosed
d) chose
e) chosen

111 | UNESP 1991
Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente as lacunas
da frase a seguir:

He __________ learning English five years ago but he
__________ it yet.

a) has started – does not learn
b) started – has not learned
c) has started – learn
d) started – have not learned
e) have started – did not learn

112 | FGV 1995 – ADAPTED
Black Nigerian students have, on average __________
consistently better academically than their white European

– Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche
corretamente a lacuna do texto:

a) did
b) does
c) do
d) done
e) doing

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